Gracias por Su Gracia

An assembly of whatnots converged on my house and blessed my socks off last Friday. It was called ‘Gracias por Su Gracia’ (Thanks for His Grace). Missionaries new and old gathered to tell their stories of the grace of God in their darkest hour serving in a cross-culture context. A Thanksgiving-esque feast was served: turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, mac’n’cheese, pumpkin pie and more.

The diversity at the table was spectacular. First there were a variety of countries present: Bolivia, Canada, United States, and technically Ecuador. Our ages ranged from the tiniest missionary kid of only one year to the honorable grandparents of the missionary kids down for a visit. The skin tones painted a lovely landscape. Though vastly different the one thing that bound us together was our call to missions. It was such an honor to have three parents of my friends with us from the States. Their perspective was invaluable. To be able to look around my table and see people who I get to call friends sitting and supping with me filled my heart.

It was an unforgettable afternoon. Thank you, God, for filling us with your goodness.

Enjoy these pictures of the 30 person, 2 turkey, scars and stars, shindig.

The island of grub in the kitchen
The island of grub in the kitchen
The Kid Table
The Kid Table
The Big Kid Table
The Big Kid Table
DaRonn and the Drumstick
DaRonn and the Drumstick



8 thoughts on “Gracias por Su Gracia

  1. Oh how fun! I think I would have wanted to sit at the kid table…it looked like a ton-o-fun!

    How is your Equdorian friend? Please tell Miss M I said hello!

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