Wake to Rain

Inclement weather with a low grade of foreseen peril contents me. Could it be the apparent immediacy of change that gives cause for hope of a similar effect in another area of my life? It may be my innate inclination for a tilted personality. Storms, showers, snow, and sleet, are welcome ways to wash the land. Clouds, fog, and blustery cold revive a wearied mind. The message I hear: Surprise! Control is minimal. A proclamation salve. Hands thrown to the windy sky; I spin, wet to the skin, penetrated and refreshed of soul. Irresistible wordplay: All hale the hail! Misty mountains, roofs trickled and clicked with drip drop cadence, nostrils fill with the sweet aroma of moisture and dirt; wonder is sung in my ears today.

(click image for a close up)


11 thoughts on “Wake to Rain

  1. i was actually glad to see the rain and at least it is a little bit cold to make it feel more like Christmas! I guess 65 is now cold to me lol!!!

    1. Hi Birgit! I am stopping by your .com after I finish this comment; been missing regular reading.

      The photo is mine. It is so cool when they come out awesome without any editing. Props to God in this one for His magnificent creation. This is from the peak of Tunari that I climbed right here in my “back yard” back in November.

  2. i also am most at peace in “bad” weather. i love a good rainy day. it just makes me happy. and of course i love winter and snow. we have lots of it right now. we have a 4 foot drift by our driveway. and more snow on the way for the next three days. it will deffinetly be a white christmas.

  3. We’re due for freezing rain this evening…a different kind of sting to your face and a rather bitter one at that!! Hopefully it will turn to snow quickly cuz I would hate to have an ice storm for holiday travels! That always makes me concerned for those who are traveling!

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