Hello, Goodbye

One of the simplest yet most profound songs by the legendary Beatles often gets the honor of the repeat option on my portable jute box. The song has a great refrain and the lyrics define a challenging aspect of my life. Goodbyes and Hellos are frequent. I talked about it in detail on a 2008 post: Revolving Door.

This year is going to be chock-full of these two juxtaposed buddies. I am fully happy for my loved ones who will be moving on and I am also totally bummed in a very selfish way ’cause I know I’ll miss them. Then I get happy again thinking of the super, wonderful hellos that I am anticipating too.

My 2010 Goodbyes:

(Names changed for privacy purposes. Unless you know who I am talking about then hopefully you will smile with me as we wish them well on their way and look for the kleenex box.)

  • Señora Blanca – leaving on a year long furlough
  • Señora Toro – moving back to the States after a fulfilling mission
  • Señora Hombre Santo – leaving on a nine month furlough
  • Señora G. Tres – moving to La Paz to continue their mission
  • Mother Teresa – going to Spain for three months to visit her newborn twin grandkids
  • Miss Gazelle – already had to say goodbye to one of the best workers ever in the House of Dreams
  • My Dreamers – the constant release of our precious kiddos into new lives

My 2010 Hellos:

(The following names have been changed for privacy as well. Unless you know who I am talking about then you can fling open your arms and your hearts to join my in welcoming them.)

  • Señor Regalos and his wife My Lovely – a young missionary couple coming to work with us
  • My Bolivianita – our daughter
  • Mama Mia and Opa – my mom and dad will be visiting when the adoption is finalized
  • La Suegra – DaRonn’s mom is also coming to Bolivia
  • New Dreamers – receiving new kids is one of the greatest things in the world

– o –

Technology connected me to a song before my time. Technology will keep me connected to many of the people I love who are leaving. Now where is my ginger tea


6 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye

  1. Revolving doors – what a good way to express how many times we say hello and goodbye in this life! I am so looking forward to heaven when there will be no goodbyes and so many wonderful Hellos!!!

    Thanks for the insight :)

  2. I must admit, I don’t like either hellos or goodbyes. Introvert me has trouble meeting new people, and saying goodbye when I have got to know them seems impossible. sigh. I do cherish your goodbyes and hellos for your sake, mi amiga. Love you.

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