Irksome Elections

A couple rules about election days here in Boliva:

  • It is prohibited to organize an assembling of more than 10 people on election day.
  • Use of motor vehicles is restricted to emergency aid only.
  • Elections cannot be held on a work day.

Whereas elections used to occupy a space in the work week, for reasons of the economy they are now held on Sundays. It has been this way for a number of years now. In the past as a church we have worked around these obstacles in creative ways. Church the night before is one tactic. Opening the doors of the church for peopel to come and pray as they like; a sort of open house method. We have even done a night service after 7 pm when the restrictions are lifted.

The next elections are for mayors, or govenors, or something along those lines. The date had been set. Then it was moved up a few weeks earlier. They have scheduled the elections on Easter morning. It irks me.

I don’t yet know if the Catholic church is doing someting to have this changed. I don’t know that the association of Evangelical churches is doing something either. I do know we can pray. Would you pray with me that the date of the elections would be moved? There is still plenty of time for a change to take place. Would you pray that the church in Bolivia would move in wisdom and favor in this situation? Thank you for helping us out with your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Irksome Elections

  1. It was the same way when we lived in Ecuador. of course, Sundays when there were soccer games also made it difficult to get to church! :-)

    But, i don’t ever remember there being elections on Easter! Wow, that is crazy!

  2. Am praying up a storm! I am believing for a praise report coming ASAP! Thy Kingdom come Lord Jesus to Bolivia!

    Big, big hugs!

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