Our Morning Run

Why I love to run in the morning…

(pics can be enlarged by clicking on them)


8 thoughts on “Our Morning Run

    1. Ha, Carin! :) we took a walking day because I was still hacking up a lung and on antibiotics. Have you seen the Jim Carrey movie ‘Yes Man’? There is a photography/running group that is just hilarious in it. I have been meaning to bring my camera for quite some time but never got around to it. So glad I finally did.

  1. Best best way to see a neighborhood is walking, running or biking. The photo are nice because it tells us what you saw. Someone else may have been with you and saw a different set of images. The morning light is nice but there are also other benefits to going at different times of the day. When I run or bike the different aromas and smells catch my attention. The morning has a freshness that mid-day doesn’t. The evening has some other scents such as people preparing dinner. These of course are harder to relate on a blog. Maybe I will present that as a challenge to you.

    1. Thanks Dad. I accept your challenge. :) I have done a group of night photos – mainly focused on lights, shadows and contrast. This grouping of morning shots was more about color and mood. I need to do a middle of the day or sunset group so you can get a sense of the scents in the city.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, and I have to agree with you in principle … the mornings are absolutely breathtaking. However … I never can convince the rest of me to get up an take a look. :(

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