Kaluyo Resort Photos

Two years ago we took the youth of our church on a retreat outside of town for the days of Carnaval.  This year we took a group of pastors to the same resort center about a 45 minute drive from the city for a relaxing conference.  Both times our children were in tow. We like to get one of the cabins on the grounds and have some fun family time alongside the ministry that takes place.

It was fun to look at the shots from 2008 and my shots from this year as we put together the following pictures. Enjoy!

The cabin porch overlooks a lake in a mountain basin. Cacti scattered on the hillside mix with the lush green trees and make a fun playground for dozens of birds. It is stunning from sun up to sun down. In 2008 Timothy and the girls are seen. In 2010 Tyler was sitting with his sisters.

Sisters truly do share everything. This swim suit was worn by 10 year old Raimy in 2008 and by 8 year old Gabrielle this year. Yes, Gabrielle is tall. Makes it nice in the hand-me-down department, that is for sure.

Fun in the sun was a common thread from one vacay to the next. This year we had the luxury of some extra playmates by way of friends of ours who brought their kids. One morning we had a fun water balloon fight. The pool was our gathering place for the bulk of the time. There were other outdoors activities: foosball, hiking, basketball, cards on the veranda, meal time buffets and tadpole watching by the pond.

We all got sunkissed, some got more smootched than others.

Biggest regret: not enough photos. I must make it a point to get a good family shot and a good shot of DaRonn and I – an oversight two years running now.  That’s ok though, this just gives us an excuse to do another family get away, soon.

Little Miss Gabrielle keeps a smile on my face with her antics. Both shots are at the cabin. In the 2008 shot she is saying “What up homes?”. Her papa taught her the phrase. In the 2010 shot she found my hat and modeled it begging for a picture. Who could resist that charm?

Denise, the mother of the family who was there with us, and I were discussing a photo phenomenon. When do kids learn how to fake smile? Every kid goes through a phase during which if you ask them to smile their faces wrinkle and contort into a silly looking grin, or worse, the powerful tooth bearing squint. Unless you catch them in a candid shot the exhibits above are what you get. No matter, 8 year old Timothy and 10 year old Timothy still had fun, as did we all.

Die hard @ngie fans can visit this online album for a slew of photo fun from our get away: Kaluyo Resort Family Get Away / Pastors Conference album.

One more vacay post coming soon: “Dat’s a cow!”


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