Dat’s a Cow

The fresh air was filling my lungs. I took a deep breath to enjoy it. We stood on the porch surveying the fertile hues that seeped into the murky brown lake. My girls reminisced about this and that. Then it got quiet. Out of the blue my three year old boy matter-of-factly announced, “Dat’s a cow.” We looked at one another and burst out laughing, my girls and I. Then we listened. He had indeed heard the moo of the cow in the meadow down the lane.

Being the quick humored boy that he is he joined us in a good belly laugh at his frank interruption to the serenity of the moment. Later in the day I we had a few chuckles about it as we remember his cuteness together.

The idea of a hike was proposed for the afternoon. After a morning baking in the sun by the pool the overcast path was inviting. A cool breeze picked up to aid us on the upwards walk. Twenty-six sprightly feet ran ahead of the six parental ones leisurely lagging behind. The incline was gentle. Again things fell quiet as we took in the beauty. All of a sudden the littlest boy, my boy, turned around and announced, “Dat’s a cow.” Again a pause was followed by a good laugh, especially since  Tyler was slightly mistaken in that the sound he heard was  not a moo but instead the roll of thunder. He once again joined us with his funny chuckles.

The mouth of the cave was our destination. The children scaled, crawled, and spelunked as us big people watched, pointed and photographed. The thunder continued softly in the distance and the clouds darkened in the sky. The lull in the conversation came. Mist and sprinkles began to form. This time the announcement came from my friend. The matronly observation was thus, “Hm, looks like the cows are about to start peeing.” Glances of wide-eyed disbelief were exchanged before we doubled over in laughter. It was a perfect punchline.

I assumed that was the end of our bovine frivolity. There was one more funny tucked away during our time; my oldest daughter was the instigator. The following morning I was up with the sun. I wrapped a comforter around and wandered out to greet the day. Low and behold my Raimy had beat me to the welcoming spot. I crouched down beside my girl. Both of us were still groggy with puffy sunburned faces. We exchanged monosyllabic noises and went back to letting the breaking dawn work its wakening magic. Quiet calm surrounded the chirps of birds. Then came the announcement, “That’s a cow.” Sure enough bessy had made her presence known to us with a lowing in the field below. We looked at one another and grinned. The grin broke out into a full blown laugh as the sun broke out from the clouds.

The cow that started it all was finally spotted. That rump was all we saw of the infamous cow that vacation.

Would you believe me when I tell you that one of the toys Tyler brought on our trip was a plastic cow?


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