Mind Bytes* “Friend Request”

I fear that I scare you

I worry that I make you anxious

It saddens me to think that I have disappointed you

Reciprocated? Empathetic listening? Paranoia, probably.

Reading minds was not taught when the rude and polite line was drawn in the sandbox

Assumptions, reading between the lines on your face

I tread lightly, unsure

Buttons, clicks, requests accepted, requests denied, and I wonder if I know how to push all the buttons to push you away

Blurting out, letting it all hang out when we are hanging out might make you think you’ve been hung out to dry by my try at truth and authenticity. Better arid awareness than dripping denial? You tell me what degree of humidity you would like. For if sopping means you stay I would have it no other way. Dry sounds harsh. Do you know that I like you? Do you know I try not to hurt – judge – shut you out – hang you out – alienate?

Affirmation aids against assumptions of adversity and alleviates angst.

*Some lines, phrases and thoughts from a stream of consciousness as I contemplate. Awaiting clarity on much here. This is like a peek in the oven when a loaf is half baked: the smell of something good yet lacking time and trial. Consider this nothing more than a whiff.


5 thoughts on “Mind Bytes* “Friend Request”

  1. I love reading how your mind works! You’re a beautiful writer!!

    Am praying that what’s cooking comes out divinely yummy!! Like fresh baked banana bread…you know first you gotta mush the bananas and there’s a lot of yucky goo!!

    I love ya…slimy goo and all!!

    Big, big hugs!

  2. Love the whiff. I value your truth and authenticity, but I´ll take whatever level of humidity you wanna share. Love and accept you my friend just as you are.

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