Tuesday Tip #38 – Orange Inspired

Rephrasing a quote:

“Everyone needs a garden to tend.”

The context refers to the necessity we have as humans to care for living things apart from tending to only our own personal needs. The absence of giving life creates discontent and disequilibrium.

I write this post after spending the morning in bed with tummy yuckies. I am feeling betterish enough to be at my desk. This is only because I have a cute little hand-carved, wooden bowl that sits in the palm of my hand with a bunch of fresh cut orange wedges nestled in nicely. Sniffing this dish is refreshing and makes me think that I might be able to accomplish something today.

The nasal memory is the strongest so it also reminded me of an Oprah show I watched once. She took us into her kitchen and showed us the huge bowl of fresh citrus she keeps on the island. What a simple way to surround yourself with natural beauty. Thinking of that reminded me of the quote above.

We started with dry beans to grow these bean plants

Whether it is a live plant on the desk in your cubicle or a little goldfish bowl in your apartment we all need to care for another life. This practice calls back to the ancient Garden when the first God-like beings were told to tend all that lived there. Even after they were relocated the act of tilling the ground and giving birth were still part of their mandated activities.

What life are you caring for?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #38 – Orange Inspired

  1. The idea of having a citrus bowl in the kitchen at all times is just plain genius! lol Ok. I have been the worst at caring for things…plants always seem to die. BUT, that being said, I got a bamboo plant last year for my bday and a year later that little guys is still growing and blossoming. Its the only item I’ve taken care of and is still around :)

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