Weak in the Knees

When I am nervous I get weak in the knees. All the blood rushes from my head and makes my walking wobbly. I am nervous. We are so close, so very close. If my pessimistic lawyer is excited I am excited too.

Tomorrow I am going to pick up, sign, have stamped and notarized, then turn in to another office a paper that reiterates that we want to adopt a child that is not special needs. My lawyer talked with the office in charge of assignments today and they told her that they had assigned us a child. Our very smart lawyer knew enough to ask about details. The little girl is two years old but half her body is paralyzed. (Interestingly enough we know the care givers running the home she is in. Great people.)

My question to the lawyer was, “If we reject this assignment are there other children available?” Yes, yes, yes, was her emphatic response. We are right there! So close! I wish I could give an ETA, but I can’t. We just gotta hold on a bit longer.

I’ll let Raimy show you how excited I am:


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