What the Butterflies are Telling Me

Yesterday we had some very happy news.

This is what my running around looked like this morning:

  1. Meet with lawyer along with DaRonn and Tyler (more about this below)
  2. Signatures from lawyer, DaRonn and I all properly placed
  3. Take the page to get photocopied in triplicate across the street from the lawyers office
  4. Take those pages around the block to get the original legalized with some lick on stamps and a rubber stamp
  5. At the same place I paid 75 cents for cover page that I need for my next stop
  6. I go back around the corner to a different office across the street from my lawyers office to the fifth floor
  7. Happy there are no lines they take all my pages, rubber stamp and have me sign two of them, they give me one of them to keep for my records and hang on to the others to give them to the right people
  8. All this was relatively fast and easy.

This page says that we are rejecting the assignment of the little girl and reminding the authorities that we requested a child without special needs. The lawyer is hopeful that the correct assignment will be made this week. My butterflies are telling me that I can agree. Though there is one fluttery little guys that says it would be just as fine for them to tell us the beginning of next week as it would the end of this week. We’ll see how it goes.

As we chatted with the lawyer we found out some interesting things.

  • The assignment we rejected included a first court date of March 26
  • This tells us that our correct assignment will have a court date close to that one
  • Thus, it looks like we will see the temporary judge at the end of March
  • The judge that was fired is gone and the guy who is there now is over a different sector and just filling in
  • At the first court date we will be read the file of the child assigned to us and make an official acceptance, a second court date will be scheduled at which time we will be able to take her home for a 2 week ‘trial period’ after which time a third court date will finalize the adoption
  • The little girl they assigned to us has been living in a foster home since she was three days old
  • Our lawyer is the same lawyer for the foster couple caring for her
  • The foster couple has requested from the courts twice to be able to adopt this little girl and been denied both times
  • Our lawyer was all hot and bothered that they would continue to deny them their request and then have the audacity to assign her to us. She will be straightening that out for them very soon.  I am excited for them.
  • Ours is the priority case for the court overseeing adoptions right now and it will stay that way until our assignment

Now you are up to speed about what is going on with the adoption. Please continue to pray that things keep moving in the right direction. Yeah!


10 thoughts on “What the Butterflies are Telling Me

  1. Here’s hoping Angie. That list looks about right for Bolivia… but I’d have a spare Manila Folder if I were you! Praying for the best!!

  2. Oh I’m still crazy excited! Am praying and awaiting the for the next tidbit of exciting news!!

    Big BIG hugs!

    1. I know, right? I heard once that in the hands of a skillful writer anyone’s life can be a best seller. I know for sure that I have been inspired by all this. Some of it made it into the book I drafted in November.

    1. Julie, the wonderful thing is that we know that family who will be adopting the little girl and because of this governmental goof-up it has allowed them to move forward and get aproval to adopt. Yeah!

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