Trail Mix

Now, on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • This week my husband bought me a fun new cereal with “Trail Mix” in the name. Almond flavored goodness.
  • I met two lovely missionary ladies who are friends of a good friend. I am looking forward to getting to know them. One lived in the jungles of Venezuela for four years. The other has a son who shares a birthday with me.
  • It’s Father’s Day this week in Bolivia. ¡Feliz Día del Padre, DaRonn!
  • We have to ‘register’ our cell phones by the end of today or they will cut off our service – this goes for all phone companies: Viva, Entel, Tigo, etc. Registering means giving them our official Bolivian i.d. card number along with our name and the cell number.
  • I found out what a five-finger-day is.
  • Livvy Lu got the 5,555th comment here at the @.
  • Here is a gold star for her accomplishment:

This gold star is awarded to the illustrious Livvy Lu in recognition of her faithful commenting here at the @.
  • My daughter made us tuna melts for dinner.
  • Getting excited about climbing Mt. Tunari again on Saturday, April 3. 17,000 ft. Bring it.
  • Started premarital counseling with a couple at our church. They are our same age. It is a bit surreal to compare our 13 years and they are just starting out. They are really sweet. Kinda fun to be talking about making marriage work. One week down, seven to go.
  • Watching ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’ online. Humans are ruthless people. I wouldn’t last one day on that show. My cousin wanted to be on it.
  • I refer to myself as K.I.T. sometimes when I need to boost my confidence. It’s from Bowfinger – a movie I do not recommend watching with a very poignant scene that makes me laugh.


3 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. Woot, woot for Livvy Lu!! WHO KNEW! What post was it on?

    Registering your cellphone? So the government can track you at all times??? Interesting!

    Big, big hugs!

  2. I just clicked on the picture and figured it out! Oh how exciting!! Totally made my day…even though there’s only 30 mins left of it! I’ll sleep well!

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