Mountain Climbing in Bolivia

Mid-November, 2009, I climbed Mt. Tunari.

(Link to: Video at the peak)

Saturday, April 3, 2010, I go again.

Same guide, different group. This time I am going with a bunch of Danes and a few friends. I am so excited!

These last two weeks before the ascent I have increased my work out to include stairs. With the goal in mind it is actually fun to meet the sunrise on the steps.

Following are some facts about the altitudes of the Mountains in Bolivia found on the Peakware site. Clicking on the name of the mountain will take you to a dedicated page on their site about the climb, where to start, some classification, some strategy, etc. This is a complilation for my future reference, more than anything.

  1. Tocorpurri (Sucre, Bolivia)
    22162 ft/6755 m
  2. Sajama (La Paz, Bolivia)
    21424 ft/6530 m
  3. Illimani (La Paz, Bolivia)
    21200 ft/6460 m
  4. Ancohuma (La Paz, Bolivia)
    21095 ft/6430 m
  5. Illampu (La Paz, Bolivia)
    20873 ft/6362 m
  6. Chearocko (La Paz, Bolivia)
    20101 ft/6127 m
  7. Huayna Potosi (La Paz, Bolivia)
    19996 ft/6094 m
  8. Chachacomani (La Paz, Bolivia)
    19928 ft/6074 m
  9. Acotango (La Paz, Bolivia)
    19856 ft/6052 m
  10. Sairecabur (Chile / Bolivia – enter from Calama, Chile)
    19613 ft/5978 m
  11. Mururata (La Paz, Bolivia)
    19242 ft/5865 m
  12. Condoriri (La Paz, Bolivia)
    18530 ft/5648 m
  13. Nevado Jacha Huaracha (La Paz, Bolivia)
    18176 ft/5540 m
  14. Serki Khollu (La Paz, Bolivia)
    18140 ft/5529 m
  15. Maria Lloco (La Paz, Bolivia)
    18117 ft/5522 m
  16. Cerro Chello Cunka (La Paz, Bolivia)
    17880 ft/5450 m
  17. Hati Khollu (La Paz, Bolivia)
    17785 ft/5421 m
  18. Chacaltaya (La Paz, Bolivia)
    17700 ft/5395 m
  19. Cerro Chualluma (La Paz, Bolivia)
    17684 ft/5390 m
  20. Pequeno Alpamayo (La Paz, Bolivia)
    17618 ft/5370 m
  21. Cerro Mullu Apachita (La Paz, Bolivia)
    17611 ft/5368 m
  22. Tarija (La Paz, Bolivia – start point for many others)
    17241 ft/5255 m
  23. Wila Llojeta (La Paz, Bolivia)
    17208 ft/5245 m
  24. Piramide Blanca (La Paz, Bolivia)
    17159 ft/5230 m
  25. Cerro Tunari (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
    17060 ft/5200 m
  26. Cerro Kuchu (La Paz, Bolivia)
    16306 ft/4970 m

You know how much I love graphs and charts.

Altitudes of Mountains in Bolivia

Cool, eh?


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