Scars – Tattooed

A person who gets a tattoo voluntarily places a permanent scar on their skin. Usually there is a purpose behind this marking. Sometimes it is a superficial desire to fit into a certain group. Usually, though, the image serves as a reminder of someone or something significant in their life.

When a hurt is left on our soul there is a scar. Granted, we do not choose these scars. They come to us by way of ugliness and pain that we cannot explain and would not wish on anyone else. Nonetheless we have been marked.

We now stand in the place to give purpose to these scars. We can choose to let those scars remind us of how we got them or we can choose something different. We can choose to let something beautiful come out of the healing process. The significant change that happens in our lives as we choose to grow out of offense, hurt, confusion and isolation is a glorious testament. The power we gain is worthy of being remembered.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of scars is? I mean, God, in all His wonderful power could have made us heal up without scars, but He didn’t. So here are my thoughts of why we get scars in our bodies and in our souls when we heal.

  1. To remind us that healing is a process. Expecting to go from one day hurt to the next day perfectly fine is evidence that you do not understand that the process of healing is one step at a time. Give yourself the liberty to heal slowly.
  2. To remind of the healing power in the body. Apart from the body an appendage cannot heal. Without a connection to the body of Christ (a nourishing church) our souls with wither and rot.
  3. The ugly mark will remind us that we are not perfect and we need the grace of God.
  4. To remind us of our induction into the fellowship of the sufferers which we share with our Redeemer. Christ suffered an immense amount to redeem us. We can be more grateful and take this sacrifice to heart when we remember the pain we feel.
  5. To make us empathetic of those around us with scars. We are not alone. Look around. Now we can understand and have compassion for those hurting around us.
  6. To know deeper a different facet of God’s character. He is the one who walks next to us through the valley of the shadow of death. His love is demonstrated in new way at those moments that we would never know if we did not hurt.
  7. To see another side of humanity. While ultimately God is the one who heals you He may choose to do this through the touch of another human. As we learn to open ourselves to the comfort, care, advice and compassion of wise and loving individuals our hope in humanity is restored and we are healed. The scar reminds us that there is still goodness in the heart of humans submitted to the Lord.
  8. To give us hope for a better day. When we remember the scar we can hope for a fully restored creation on the day that Christ returns. That day all tears will be wiped away.
  9. To allow others to know you are susceptible and transparent. An approachable quality is derived from the soul that has suffered. As people are drawn to you there is a natural response of pointing them in the direction of Christ. This is a gift unattainable by any other means.
  10. The scar reminds me I am strong in my faith. The scar reminds me He is strong to heal.

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6 thoughts on “Scars – Tattooed

  1. If we are wounded, then walk through the process of healing in Christ, then are living with the scars, why then can that same wound rupture and break open and take us right back to the same place we started?
    Ultimately it sends us back to the feet of Christ. I am so looking forward to heaven where all will be healed.

    1. Shawn, yes, I am looking forward to eternity in the Kingdom, too. We will be changed, renewed, resurrected. You know, it is interesting to think about resurrection. Jesus as a resurrected being carried his scars, as Thomas knows well. I do think that we will carry our scars into eternity and be able to point to specific times in our lives when the grace of God healed us. Thank God for His grace.

      Thank you for leaving a comment, sis’. I love it when you pop in here. Hugs and kisses to my bitty girls, please. :)

  2. I always tell my kids that scars can give us a chance to tell a good story. Who doesn’t enjoy swapping scar stories, right?

    So our scars, whether physical or not, can serve the purpose of telling a story–and when that story is the story of our walk with God, it makes the scars more than worth it!

  3. angie, this is so good sister! seems lately i’ve had a few wounds (probably self-inflicted) that are in the process of healing now. thank you for this. i do believe that even through all this, God has a plan and a purpose and that all these things are working together for good:)

    1. Joy, thank you for your comment. I believe with you that God will have the final say in the outcome of what you are walking through right now. Peace to you.

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