Scars – Magnetic Attraction

It is fun to play with magnets. Seeing a long chain of metal objects stick together is fascinating. Have you ever tried to push strong magnets together with the non-attractive ends only to feel an invisible force prohibiting your efforts? These two forces (attraction and repulsion) are at work in our relationship with God as much as they are in magnets. Creating a stronger connection with God and His people will aid you in the healing process. Just as we must switch the direction of the magnet that it might connect with the other there are some changes to make. That might mean a switch in some of the mindsets in reference to relationships already established in our thinking. Evaluate if you need to make some of these switches.


1. Switch, “Trusting another means I will be taken advantage of,” to, “If I trust others I will be considered trustworthy.” Pushing someone down when in a panic and drowning will probably cause you to drown as well. Striving to pull the other up you will both be saved. A person who is suspicious of others will be thought to be a suspicious suspect.

2. Switch, “Vulnerability means I will be hurt,” to, “Vulnerability means I will be healed.” Take for example a hurt tooth: The dentist will have to inject and inspect and you will be painfully vulnerable to him, but in the end that vulnerability will lead to healing. Without the dentist help you will have greater pain and maybe even lose the tooth. In a relationship if you do not open up to the other person then the sores will fester and you may lose the relationship; just as you would eventually lose a tooth if left unattended. Opening up will lead to healing.

3. Switch, “Transparency means they will see my weaknesses,” to, “Transparency means they will see Jesus more clearly through my life.” In our weakness He is strong.

4. Switch, “Just a little lie won’t hurt,” to, “Lies of any size diminish my credibility.” Being a person of integrity and honesty – even when it is reference to mistakes – will gain you credibility in the eyes of others. Pray honest prayers; don’t try to cover up how you feel.

5. Switch, “These are the conditions so one may earn my love,” to, “I choose to love unconditionally.” Love is a choice, not an emotional feeling.

6. Switch, “This person will never change,” to, “Hope that God is still working is the only hope I have for a relationship.” They say that a relationship is dead when one loses hope that the other can change. This is not to say you must remain close to an abusive person. The bible gives clear instruction about not becoming closely tied to people that display certain characteristics. Jesus told us to pray for our enemies and those who despitefully use us. Pray and don’t curse.

7. Switch, “It is impossible to move past this,” to “If I just don’t quit I can’t lose; all things are possible with God.” To look at the whole thing from start to finish may be difficult and overwhelming. Just look at today. Just look at this hour or this minute. In this moment you can choose to breathe. Choose that this moment you will trust God. Take it one moment at a time.

originally posted: June 17, 2008

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2 thoughts on “Scars – Magnetic Attraction

  1. I love that you brought up magnets because, I think it is 100% applicable to God. :)

    It was a long and involved thought process, and some Hebrew word studies were involved, but here is this picture:

    To God, his right hand is his hand of blessing; his left hand is his hand of judgment. In a sense, polar opposites, right?

    Now, in Scripture, many times, God says that he both wants and has had relationships with mankind that were “face to face.” Abraham, Israel, etc. The concept of a relationship that is “face to face” is so stirring and emotional on so many levels, but on this level consider this: When two people are standing face to face, if they were to touch hands at all, it would be left in right; left in right. In terms of magnetic attraction, this is the strongest pull and strongest bond there is. There is SO much contained in this little thought, but I don’t have time and space to go into it all. But … magnetic, yes. :D

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