Dear Timothy,

Before you were born, before you were conceived, before your mama and papa were married, before we were engaged, we both desired a son… and we both wanted him to be named Timothy Aaron. Your name was secretly tucked in the hearts of both your parents long ago by your Heavenly Father as a wonderful surprise to us all. When you came they put you in my arms and asked what your name would be. With confidence I told them, “Timothy Aaron Washington.” The doctor was most impressed that both are strong biblical names. That is true indeed.

With every bit of my being I believe that servants are the strongest people. To be a good servant one must be skilled at what they do yet humble enough to not be boastful thus angering their master. We find out in Philippians chapter two that we are to carry the same attitude that Jesus Christ did when he took on the form of a servant. There is great happiness and fulfillment in being a servant like our Lord demonstrated. You are named after two leaders who derived their positions of influence after they developed servant hearts. We believe that you will follow their example and that God will work with you to help you be a great servant and a great leader.

Aaron is found in the stories of Moses in the Old Testament. Even though he was Moses’ older brother he took a support roll in the exploits of the younger. He served as Moses’ spokesperson when they stood before the mighty Pharaoh. He served as a liaison between Moses and the Israelites on more than one occasion. He served by holding up Moses’ arm so that their army could be victorious just as God promised them that as long as Moses was raising his staff they would defeat the enemy. Even though he was a servant many miracles were worked directly through this man.

Timothy was brought up in a household of faith. His grandmother and mother trained him in the ways of the Lord. It is interesting to know, also, that Timothy was born of parents of different races, just as you are, my Timothy. The apostle Paul saw the faith that was evident in this young man. He also trained him in the ways of the Lord and gave him the charge of leading the early church. The books of First and Second Timothy are letters written from Paul to aid this youth in his responsibilities. Just as the Timothy of the bible trusted in the word of God, you also can rely on the direction of the Lord for your life.

My favorite verse of the Bible is found in one of the writings to Timothy. I hope you are encouraged by it as well.

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry (1 Timothy 1:12)

My eldest son. I love you. I like you, too.

2007, Timothy and Mama at the Botanical Gardens in Cochabamba, Bolivia


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