Dear Kaitlynn,

Like all of my children I held you in my heart before I held you in my arms. Your papa and I didn’t hardly need to talk about adoption, it was something that both he and I wanted to do. You were destined and desired many years before you were concieved. I loved you before I knew you, my daughter.

Kaitlynn means pure. There is a simple verse in the bible that speaks about purity.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.  (Matthew 5:8)

My prayer for you is that you may keep a heart that is pure, clear, free of confusion and strife, ruled by peace and love so that you may see God.  May you have eyes to see God in your own life as well as in the lives of others. May you see Him in the world we live in and in the circumstances that surround us. May you see Him as He is in all His glory.

Glory, your middle name, carries a depth of meaning.

Merriam-Webster says this:

1 a : praise, honor, or distinction extended by common consent : renown b : worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving <giving glory to God>
2 a : something that secures praise or renown <the glory of a brilliant career> b : a distinguished quality or asset
3 a (1) : great beauty and splendor : magnificence <the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome — E. A. Poe> (2) : something marked by beauty or resplendence <a perfect glory of a day> b : the splendor and beatific happiness of heaven; broadly : eternity
4 a : a state of great gratification or exaltation <when she’s acting she’s in her glory> b : a height of prosperity or achievement
5 : a ring or spot of light: as a : aureole b : a halo appearing around the shadow of an object

You are made glorious to bring glory to God. Your beauty sings praise to our Creator. Your splendid personality speaks of the splendor of our Lord. Your distinct and unique view on life exalts our distiguished Maker. Oh, you are a glorious girl!

About the spelling ‘Kaitlynn’…  LYNN like your mama’s middle name, NN like the end of your papa’s name and AI in the middle like in Raimy. You are part of us, dear. I love you!

P.S. I can hardly wait to have a picture of your sweet face next to mine, my love, mi amor, mi niña hermosa!


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