Mind Bytes* “Revamp Plans”

*The Mind Bytes posts here at the @ are usually a fast stream of consciousness kind of essay bit. Today is a different style yet still true to the peek at the way my brain works. Coming up in June I will have had this blog design for a year. I like it. There are many elements that will stay. Then there are some tweaks that I would like to make. As I begin to move towards the revamp I scratch out with my pencil some ideas. This is my plan for the essentials and guidelines so that I can communicate ‘clearly’ with my designer. Then I put it all in a Word doc. to make it even ‘clearer’. As you might have guessed I am doubting the level of ‘clarity’ beyond my own personal gray matter. At any rate, I feel obliged to share with my bloggity friends the way my brain works. So, here you go:

isn't this cool!? click to get a close up view...


8 thoughts on “Mind Bytes* “Revamp Plans”

  1. I applaud your efforts, whether they are clear or not! :-)

    I’ve been thinking about revamping my blog…but it’s a project that is not a big priority.

    1. Ha! You made me smile with the ‘think too much’ comment. That is something I have been accused of rather frequently. I find it is one of my prized weaknesses. :)

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