Adoption News?

Yes, so, really not a whole lot has changed. Yet, everything is changed. Confused much? Me too. Obviously.

All we have to go on right now is promises. We have had promises in the before that have disintegrated in front of our faces at the hands of whatever excuse sounded logical in the moment. So I am leery, just a bit, at this very huge promise we were given on Friday past.

The promise: The Washington’s have been appointed a child and shall know who this child is by Thursday, the 22nd of April.

The only details I have is: she is an itty-bitty little girl. In Spanish that is “niñita chiquitita”.

Your questions are probably the same as mine. How old is she? What is her name? Where is she now? When can we start visiting her? When is the first official court date? What is our next step?

The answer to all these questions is an anticipatory and excited-but-trying-to-not-get-too-excited: dunno.

That is why everything has changed yet nothing has changed.We are still waiting for that mysterious paper with the magic words inscribed upon it that gives us the blessed hope of a real live girl destined for our family.

You know I love my time-frames, my ever flexible time-frames. This is the new one:

Probably by Thursday we will be able to pick up the paper that tells us the name of the child we have been assigned and officially get it all stamped, signed, copied and turned in to tell them we received it and accept the court date that that is listed on said paper.

Probably in about a month we will go to court the first time. This amount of time is based on the fact that the false-assignment we got a few weeks back listed a court date one month out.

From the first court date to the second court date there are probably about two weeks. During which time we will be allowed to visit the place she is staying to start the familiarization process.

At the second court date she will probably come home with us for a “trial period”, as they call it. This is about a two week time period – of sheer joy and happiness and rejoicing!!!

Then the third court date is when it is all made official, after the two week trial period.

Typing ‘probably‘ so many times is painful but necessary. Keeps me sane. I am not even going to do the date projection, it’s just all up in the air.

One glimmer of hope is that our usually dire, down to earth, crushingly frank and realistic lawyer is telling other clients who happen to be friends of ours that we got our assignment. If she who is normally brutally honest is spreading the “news” then I guess I can too.

Feel free to bolster and encourage me. I don’t know what I would do if this falls through. Really, my insides are a jumbled up mess of emotional goo. I am trying to stay full of faith and not get bogged down by the monstrous what-ifs. Distractions would seem to be the key right now, I imagine.


9 thoughts on “Adoption News?

  1. Oh Angie, I want to encourage you! Along the lines of the other ‘clients’ hearing the news…I did too! So be encouraged and believing with you to hear more very soon!

  2. I believing for supernatural favor that this is exactly how it is going to happen! I believe that the Lord is filling you with the peace that passes all understanding. Be Blessed!

  3. Just praying that the Father calms your spirit and fulfills your longings. I know you’ve been waiting a long, long time and my hope is that God occupies you this week with hope, heavenly thoughts and lots of laughter!!! So excited for you!

  4. Grace, grace to you Angie!!! God has everything under control and it will all come to pass in His perfect timing…and if for some reason, your hope is deferred, rest assured that even that is in His plan for you and the rest of your family. And when the desire does finally come, it will be even better than it would have been in premature timing. Blessings to you all! Waiting with you in much hope and anticipation! Love you!

  5. Waiting with you. Holding my breath with you. Can’t wait to hear. Can’t imagine how much more you can’t wait to hear.

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