Pics for our Daughter

Knowing how the adoption process works in Bolivia first hand has given us a unique insiders view. It feels, at times, like I am watching myself as an adoptive parent with orphanage director eyes. I get doubly excited when the good things happen. Then when the hard times come I can work myself through as though I am helping an adoptive family. At times I am very glad to have the knowledge about what exactly is happening. At other times I wish I wasn’t so close to the tiring issues.

The Washington family has reached one of my favorite steps in the process from the orphanage side of things. As an adoptive parent this is a step I see as vital, yet I am not classifying it as one of my favorite steps. Mainly, it is just because I want to have my sweet little girl in my arms, in my home. I know that this transitional step is necessary but I wish we could do it in a different fashion.

The weird thing is that we are here in the city, so there could be other measures taken for familiarization. This is a method used for when parents come from another nation and the process is very hectic once they land in country. The photos sent a few months ahead of time help us as an orphanage begin to prepare the children for their new family. They see what they look like, where they live, any pets, etc. It is so fun to watch the kids learn to call the people in the pictures their mama, their papa, their family.

I have resolved to follow procedure as closely as possible. Therefore, we have prepared pictures for our Kaitlynn. They will be given to the director. The director will show them to our little girl and start orienting her with her new family. It is good, it is important, it will help the adjustment tremendously. I am all for it and I detest it all at the same time. I can’t blame the mood contradiction on pregnancy hormones… but that is what it feels like. I just want to know her now.

A wonderful bit if advice I got from an adoptive mother and dear friend about this important step: ask the people to pay attention to her reactions and tell you what she says. Oh, yes! To be a fly on the wall in those moments! What will her two year old reasoning determine when she sees these pics? What will her response be?

I am super happy that we can do this for the orphanage and our dear girl. I am just selfish and impatient this evening wishing I was in another country so that I didn’t have to force back the temptation to run to where she is and start to get to know her. For her sake I am glad that we can do this; it will help immensely for when we finally do get to meet her.

These are the pics we are sending along; click to see them big:

Photo credit for the pro shots: Lacy Inscho. New family photos when we finally have her are going to be so fun to make!

14 thoughts on “Pics for our Daughter

  1. I think you could write a book on patience! Knowing where she is and knowing her name…how do you stay put and not just go be with her??!?

    Am praying that the Lord will settle your soul and give you peace and help you think of little things that will help you quickly bond with little Kaitlynn!!

    Big, BIG hugs!

  2. I could totally see how waiting to meet her is just like being pregnant…so many emotions…I so wish I could fly out there and take pictures of you all bringing her home!!! (I would be a mess of tears myself!) I am so happy for your family…your newest addition is so very blessed to become part of it…Please tell those awesome kids of yours hello for me…They are just amazing…Praying…praying for you all!!
    hugs and much love Angie!!!!

    1. Lacy, I wish you could be here too. We are going to be taking a million pictures to document the wonderous event every step of the way. You are so kind. Thanks for your spirit, Lacy.

  3. oh, my goodness Angie, I dont get on the computer for a couple of days and that is when it happens! So Awesome! I cant even imagine what you are going through right now. Have you begun to prepare your home, set up her bed, get things for her? Will she share a room with the girls? Oh my goodness this is so fun.

  4. How beautiful! I don’t know why, but for some reason when I read the name of your precious girl I burst into tears. I’m still crying. I don’t know why. She’s a loved girl, for sure.

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