Field Day at School

Saturday morning my kids donned their gym shorts and school shirts. Accessorized in team colors and cool water bottles in hand we were out the door for Field Day. After an Olympics style entrance of each class with flags and fanfare they lit the torch. The Bolivian anthem was sung and the student athlete code recited. Shaded under the newly finished covered sports area the kids’ competitions began.

Timothy and Raimy were pitted against one another in a game of “Street Baseball”. The size of the concrete field doesn’t allow for a full on baseball game. So this modified version makes use of a ball made of socks, four corners marked with cones for bases, and the use of the palm to hit the ball after the pitch. Timothy’s fifth grade team gave Raimy’s sixth grade team a run for their money. The final score was 9 to 7, all blacks sixth graders taking the victory.

Gabrielle played dodge ball. At the school I attended when I was a kid dodge ball consisted of all the littler kids lining up against the brick wall outside while a bigger kid pegged us off one by one. The dodge ball games played this weekend were much more involved. There were teams and rules. You continued playing even after you were hit by trying to catch the ball from the end of the court and throw it at an opponent. I enjoyed watching them.

The final game of the day (which happened to be a dodge ball game) was a real thriller. It was a free for all, mixed grades, mixed teams competition. Everyone was kinda tired so lots of kids were out fairly quickly. Then the ref announced that Gabriela (my Gabrielle) was the last one standing for her team. The game lasted for another long five minutes as there were about 10 kids all trying to get out my girl. She was great at dodging and ducking and jumping around. She had a blast but finally was bopped on the top of her head. What a good sport she was as she laid down on her back in the middle of the court and laughed while saying, “That was great!”

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3 thoughts on “Field Day at School

  1. what a great sports commentator you would be Angie. i felt like i was really there. And i can totally see Gabrielle in her final moments. She is such a good sport. as Sasha would say, “she’s a tough chick.”

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