Prayer Doesn’t Work

Prayer doesn’t work      …like you expect.

It’s not WD-40, or a mail man, or even a roll of the dice.

Prayer works on you. You get in there with your laundry list and complaint form. God gently takes them and sets them aside for the moment. He understands. He understands that you feel as though these are the pressing items that must be included in His agenda. What He wants to impress on you is the priority of the moment. And this moment. And this moment too.

God loves me. He wants me to know that love. Why can’t that be enough? Why must I strive and worry and fret and fear when He is with me? Why do I forget about the uncountable instances that He proved His love for me from creation to the cross to the Great Commission to the day I believed and said so?

So this prayer stuff. We do it not as a toddler stamping her foot for a lollipop. We pray to know God. We pray to know that He loves us. We pray to tell Him that we love Him too, that He is enough, that we do believe, that it really is going to be all right even if it is not all right right now. Not to smooth things over or put up a stiff upper lip. No. Rather to remember.

Faith is remembering.

I may feel like prayer isn’t working. That is when I have to remember that prayer is working on me.


4 thoughts on “Prayer Doesn’t Work

  1. Good stuff. The more I know God, the less I feel like I’m actually praying (at least in the “religious” sense of the word) and the more I feel like I’m just … spending time with someone who loves me. And the more I trust Him for the things I used to be so hung up over. I think to myself … there is always more. And I wonder what could possibly be better than knowing Him as I know Him now. But the answer is always … knowing Him better. I’m so glad that prayer isn’t a magic wand. I’m glad it’s a connection with a very real God who loves me.

    Great thoughs, as always. :)

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