Day One – The Meeting after Court

The first court appearance was mechanical, predictable and quick. We are thanking God that it was completely uneventful. There were demonstrations of some disgruntled employees in the street and they shot off tons of loud fireworks. I pretended they were celebrating this marvelous wonder taking place in a little judges chambers. Social serves, Child Defense, a clerk, the fill-in judge, our lawyer, DaRonn and I were all in there. Papa and Mama looked at each other and smile when the judge kept her eyes on her documents and said almost under her breath: I appoint the Washington couple …. Yeah!

We made our way through streets blocked with protesters and our 17 month journey finally took us to Kaitlynn. I’ll explain as the pictures go. Oh, before we move on with the fun stuff I have to touch about what will happen in the coming days.

Friday – We will take the kids up there. The social workers time of evaluators will finish there reports and turn them in.

Saturday – More visiting alongside jostling a wedding and some other stuff.

Sunday – I am wondering if she can come to church with us? Then maybe out to lunch?

Monday – We run some paper work around to the right offices to request a second court appearance. The visiting continues.

Tuesday or Wednesday – Our second court appearance at which all five of our kids will be present. We take her home!

'They took us in the room to wait and brought her in. She is holding up her pictures of us.
She showed us the pictures.
And then she headed for the door. The first place she took us was to the front door. She was ready to go and told us so!
Lunchtime to naptime was pretty somber for everyone. She attached herself to Papa for the great majority of the time. It was so sweet!
We brought candy and a new toy. They were good connecting tools.
By the end of the day she was giving won't-let-you-go hugs to both of us.
So, things were not all happy-clappy the first few hours. The wondrous thing was that she allowed us to hold her.
Kids are honest; that you can count on.
This shot is one of my all time favorites.
People keep telling us that she looks like us :)
She wanted to hand out the sugary gummy worms to everyone. We made sure she had a steady supply in her first all afternoon.
Fascinating, just marvelous and breathtaking!
Thank God that we are fluent in Toddler-Spanish! She has the cutest little voice and speaks well.
God handed me a beautiful girl and in so doing said to me, "I love you!"
Oh yes, going for the glasses. Ha!
With a gaze like that how can she not be brilliant?
Can't wait to introduce the Washington Five to each other tomorrow!
Happy with Papa
As the sun was setting she came away from the bunch and found her papa, crawled up in his lap and just cuddled. That smile, oh that great smile my man has, she found out how to make it shine.

Humongous day tomorrow as the siblings get to know each other. Wow. Gotta get some rest. More pics mañana.


23 thoughts on “Day One – The Meeting after Court

  1. Angie, your smile, DaRonn’s smile and Kaitlynn’s smile have me in a puddle as I type this. God has floored me tonight with His mercy, love and Grace. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of one of the Father’s marvelous gifts.

    Much Love,

  2. I got tears of joy streaming down my face as I viewed these precious pictures! I’m so happy for you. My favorite pictures was the 1st introduction picture – you squated down in excitement to meet her; the smiley pic of you holding her (you’re looking REALLY good – lost a few lbs, eh?); the God saying “I love you” pic – just beautiful little one!!; and the last picture – DaRonn’s smile says it ALL!!!

    Oh I so can’t wait to meet her!!! She’s precious and she so looks like you and your family…only a touch more “hispanic” ha!

    Big hugs!!

    Thanks so much for sharing all the gooey stuff! I feel like I’m right there with you!

    You’re blanketed in prayers!!
    Love ya!
    Livvy Lu

  3. Wow, Angie! You’ve brought tears to my eyes. I’m so thrilled for all of you. And what a beautiful little girl to add to your family! Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Love you!

  4. Ang,

    Thanks for taking the time to write and post these pics so we can share just a little in your joy. You guys were on my mind all day and I´ve been continually praying for you. Love you so much and will be praying for you all tomorrow too! I like everyone else was in tears at this blog. Can´t wait to meet her myself.

  5. Thank you dear friend for taking the time to show us a glimpse into your day… it looks like it was truly beautiful :) We’ll be praying tomorrow for all the kids… she’s going to seriously LOVE her big brothers and sisters… I can’t wait to see those pics!

  6. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing with us, she is beautiful, and will be such a wonderful addition to your family.

  7. I don’t even know what to type. I bawled through all of the pictures. Still am. What a gorgeous girl. I know her world is rocked, but I pray and know that she will find love and safety with you. She is so loved.

  8. Angie! She is absolutely beautiful! I see what you mean about the cheeks. Angie cheeks:) I can’t wait to hear the update about the Washington 5 meeting. We are so excited for you all.

  9. She is a DOLL! I am so excited for you guys – thanks for sharing your journey. I look forward to many more stories, and please keep us posted until this whole thing is all seen through to the end and she is finally in your home!

  10. oh my goodness oh my goodness!!!!! im so thrilled and tearry eyed. such a mirraculous moment caught in each one of those snap shots. i can almost see the bonding in each one of those photos. its beautiful, she is beautiful, you are so beautiful. God is so good, so so good.
    amen! amen! amen!

  11. Angie, thank you so much for sharing this with us! that first picture of you and that joyous smile that you have been waiting to give Kaitlynn just brought me to instant tears. then as i scrolled down through the rest of the pics, just a huge smile and happiness permeated my soul. you and DaRonn look absolutely amazing and that little girl must one of the cutest little ones i’ve ever seen. what a sweetheart! so glad she connected so well with Papa. that must have made your heart swell. looks like she has been anticipating this day as much as you guys have. it’s really neat that she was “ready to go.” your comment about toddler spanish was sweet. God has prepared you all from the get-go for this moment. really happy for you all. love you both so much and congratulations! can’t wait for your gotcha day to arrive. i’ll bet your kids are gonna be an instant hit with her and vice-versa. you guys are an amazing family and inspirational as well. again thanks for sharing. love Gary and Joy

  12. Pastores

    Amamos este tiempo de felicidad, de compartir a su niña. La amamos a ella tambien, por ser ustedes una familia tan bendecida y amorosa con el pueblo Boliviano.
    Dios les siga bendiciendo,


    Y pensar que parecía imposible que tu familia fuera más linda… Kathlin llegó a completarlos!. Ahora su familia, Pastores, es más linda que nunca.

  14. Angie, beautiful writing as usual, and oh the pictures, I just love the pictures. I’m so happy for you guys.

  15. So happy for you!!!

    Would you mind if I share your blog link with the couples that have been sponsoring Ale/Kaitlynn the past year or so so that they can see how things are wrapping up?

    Denise K

  16. Oh @ng!

    As soon as I saw the first picture of you smiling at her I lost it! Tears, tears, tears! So happy for the Washingtons, and for you momma, and for Kaitlynn. She is beautiful. And I’m so happy that you are fluent in toddler Spanish. :) Big hugs!!!!! Congratulations.

  17. She is a DOLL! I am so excited for you guys – thanks for sharing your journey. I look forward to many more stories, and please keep us posted until this whole thing is all seen through to the end and she is finally in your home!

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