Day Two – All the Washingtons Together

First of all I want to say that I am so very touched by all the people leaving comments here at The @, on Facebook, Twitter and in personal emails. We feel all the support and prayers. Thank you!

Today was amazing! I was so proud of all my children as they played together so nicely. Worries about jealousy? None. They were really so great! The newest little Washington was a bit overwhelmed at first both in the morning and after her nap; then there was this moment when she just clicked over. We all saw it. She started smiling, talking and even laughing.

I think my favorite part of the day was when we were getting ready to go and she went around the room pointing at all of us saying: Papa, Mama, Hermana, Hermana, Hermano, Hermano. Then she gave us all big hugs one at a time. So great!

Can you believe it?!
Wowzers! Smiles all around!
She wanted water from the big 2L like everyone else. (Yes, we are already sharing germs. ha!) So I helped her and it spilled down her front. I expected a cry. Instead I got to hear her laugh for the first time. It became a game. I think she drank a whole liter of water. The whole front of her jacket was soaked! Then there was the cap game... everyone was laughing. It was great!

We took about a hundred pics today plus a couple short videos. It is nigh unto midnight so I am going to upload just a few more shots from our time together and call it a day.

We were still warming up to each other here.
Words fail me when I see the way she has connected with DaRonn. So awesome!
These two are going to be best buds
As we left for lunch Timothy asked if he would be able to hold her in the afternoon. Aaww… of course! They were great together.
Yep, she’s a keeper, that’s for sure!
Too cute!

Firsts today:

  • Hearing her say to me, “Te quiero, mamá.” (I love you, mama.)
  • Hearing her laugh.
  • Seeing all the siblings having fun together.


12 thoughts on “Day Two – All the Washingtons Together

  1. Tears again today seeing every one enjoying each other! And knowing she loves you already. She has been waiting for you. And all is right with the world!

  2. lump in my throat came up rather quickly with those words, “i love you, mama.” your children are soooo sweet and cute. glad the day went well. so many firsts yet to come. lots of love. :)

  3. I smiled from ear to ear with joy for all of you while reading & looking the pics. I have to say though the water works of joy started when you shared, “I love you, Mama”. Congrats from 1 mama to another.

  4. words fail me angie, i cant even begin to describe how wonderful this all is.
    God is so good, so faithful, his blessings are beyond measure.

  5. Angie,

    I love both days of pictures, very beautiful and real. It is all too sweet and can we say “finally!” Now all that work and waiting may seem like a thing of the past and not too big of deal. THIS is what you really wanted and now she is here. ENJOY!

  6. Angie, Jen’s mom here! When we adopted Emma, she too bonded with Carl like “super glue”. I had warned him that maybe she wouldn’t since she was not used to men (all women worked at the orphanage in Russia). She had a definite leaning toward the men (ha). As a toddler at church, I remember she would pass up 3 women with their arms outstretched to ask a man to pick her up! I found it interesting that she could tell the difference at such a young age (9 months when we adopted her)!
    We tell her the story of how each of us girls held her first (Jennifer and Heather were there) then Daddy got to hold her – and he wouldn’t give her back!
    She likes that story.
    Carl told that story at her baptism and said God does the same thing – once He holds us, He will never give us back!
    Loved reading all your posts about it – takes me back to sweet memories!

  7. Oh my word. So beautiful. So amazing. I am SO happy to see how she is bonding so quickly with your family! Wow, what an amazing God. And to hear “I love you”! How incredible. So beautiful.

  8. More tears!

    I’m so glad she’s connecting with you all. The picture with her and Timothy is precious. You are an amazing Momma…that’s why the kids did so good. And that funky little blue shirt she’s wearing, Emma has it in green :)

  9. Thank you so much for letting us take part in this wonderful experience in your lives. I cry every time I read your words and see the pictures of your beautiful family. Love and blessings to you all!

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