Hiccups are an inexplicable part of life. They come. We deal with them. And we move on. Personally, my favorite cure is the scare tactic. My dad is the best surpriser for giving me a good dose of gasp and startle.

We have run into a bit of a hiccup with the adoption. I have taken you along for the journey thus far; from the joyous to the tedious you’ve been here reading along. So why would I leave you out of this part? Quite frankly some encouragement and good old fashioned prayer would be ever so helpful at this point.

Bottom line: we need this next step, the second court appearance at which we get to take Kaitlynn home, to happen before the middle of next week. If it doesn’t happen before then they have said they will postpone it until the end of the annual court winter vacation, which means the end of June.

We are seeking the favor of the stand-in judge since the department of adoptions is still without it’s own judge. The person who decides who goes before the judge and when is named Giovana. The social worker, Rosita, may speak with Giovana about our case. Neither our lawyer nor us may speak to her personally.

A glimmer of hope rests in the fact that today Kaitlynn had a fever. Getting our little girl to us so that she doesn’t get the other kids more sick and so that she can be cared for more directly might be enough of a reason for them to consider us. I hate with all my heart to see my daughter sick… I hate even more that this might be what moves things along…

I’d like to say that I am full of faith that this is going to happen when we want it to happen and that is the end of it. Truth be told, though, I am done frustrating myself by trying to tell God what to do and when to do it. He knows what I would like. I have no doubt that He has heard us as we have asked Him to move on our behalf. That does not change the feelings of weariness. Pray as you see fit, if you don’t mind. Thanks.

I will leave you with a sweet picture of Kaitlynn doing one of the things she likes to do best as I go find some way to keep it together.


9 thoughts on “Hiccups

  1. Father, we come before You on this adoption, first we know this has not taken You by surprise. And we would ask that You would first and foremost give Angie and DaRonn, peace in all of this, You have put this adoption in motion and it will happen. I would ask that favor would be shown and that they would be able to take Kaitlynn home next week. We would also ask that Yur hand of healing would be on Kaitlynn. Thank You for already knitting this family together. Amen.

  2. Lord I ask you to brong supernatural peace and comfort to this family. I also pray for your favor to go forth in their behalf so that all of Kaitlynn’s needs can be meet by her new loving family! Continue to be this family’s beacon of hope as they trust in You in all dealings of the courts. And please help Angie & DaRonn and the kids feel the love and prayers reach them from all over the world! Amen!

    Ang, I truly feel that this is yet another faith walk. Please know I’m walking beside you guys! I will already give thanks for a swift and speedy court date!

    Big BIG hugs!

  3. Angie, you & the whole family are in my thoughts & prayers. God has had his arms around you all from the beginning, just as he does now & will continue to until the end. As he is holding you he is telling you, don’t worry my child I have this all under control. I am believing that this will move along speedily & that your sweet little girl will feel better in no time & be in the loving arms of her family.

  4. He IS caring for you friend, and for your little one. Hugs and prayers. Don’t give up hope – may the God of all hope fill you with peace & comfort.

  5. He IS caring for you friend, and for your little one. Hugs and prayers. Don’t give up hope – may the God of all hope fill you with peace & comfort.

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