Translation: hiccups in Spanish are hipos [EE – pose]

Can I just tell you something? @ngie has the best readers ever! All your prayers and encouraging little notes have been a real pick-me-up. Thank you for taking the time to invest in this process with us. It is good to know we are not alone.

What is happening right now? Good things, I tell ya, good things. After some phone calls and an over-the-top visit by the social worker to a key person we have the whisper of good news. It is looking like this court date will happen next week. Yes, sir. Thank you God!

Also, no more fever today for my little girl. She was perky and happy as ever. Tyler and I were at the Home all morning playing and having a good time. Today was speech therapy day for all the kids from all the Homes (there are three separate homes all run by the same gal). Kaitlynn was so excited to see her teacher. Tyler and I sat in on the class; there were 5 kiddos in the group. She was happy to show me what she knew how to do. I was happy to applaud her efforts. I am finding that she is a bit of a social butterfly. She went around greeting all the children visiting from the other homes individually with a cheery, “Hola!” Such a sweetheart.

First for today:

  • She had real hiccups! Not a first for her, but it was the first time I saw it.
  • I heard her sing a song.
  • I got to meet her little friend, her same age, who has recently been moved to one of the other homes to be with her brother. Hugs all around; it was precious.
  • When I told her I had to go she said, “No, no, no, no, no…” and grabbed my neck telling me to stay.

Not firsts:

  • Another person told me she looks like me.
  • Water, water and more water.
  • Arms reaching up to me so I will pick her up so many times I have lost count.

The following shot was taken by Timothy. He wanted a picture of her Home.


4 thoughts on “Hipos

  1. I will continue to pray that your appointment stays firm as cement (the dry kind of course!)

    I loved hearing about your fun day…you are such a good writer I can almost see and hear her doing all you account for!

    I think she’s a lot like her mama!!

    Big, BIG hugs!

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