A Week and a Day

We met our Kaitlynn a week and a day ago. It has been so good to get to know her. Little by little she has been opening up so we can see who she really is. Just today DaRonn and I sat in the common dining room while all the children were happily eating, just as we had done not so many days before. My what a difference! The first lunch we sat in on she wouldn’t touch her food, wouldn’t look up from the table, and had a quivering lip a few times as we sat next to her at her little table. Today she was chatty, fed herself very well, played the making faces game with me and was just plain fine.

I am so ready to have her home with us!

Such cutie pies!
Yum! Soup!


We are making the transition with Tyler to a big boy bed. Turns out Kaitlynn still sleeps in a crib at the Home. So we are gradually graduating Tyler out of his crib and to a single bed. He oscillates between glad to be grown up and still wanting to be the baby. We have even had a bit of deliberate baby talk. Hey, I get it. things are changing. We are all coping with it in our own ways. If you are looking for the thrill of your life jump on board the emotional roller coaster here at the Washington house. It’s a blast, I tell ya!

Tyler’s switch is the last bit of prep we have to do. Below I have placed some pics of gifts from various people helping to get the home ready for Kaitlynn’s gotcha day.

Tyler's bed in the new location and a pile of toys just waiting
She is a good eater so I am sure she will have fun with this place setting
Would you believe that my two dear friends, Denise and Laura, went shopping FOR me? They are incredible! Knowing my adverse feelings to the practice they offered to stock my little girl's shelves. I jumped at the suggestion. Little girl clothes are just so cute! Thanks Laura and Denise!


It seems that the sibling sharing has begun already. Tyler has had a tummy bug and fever today, most likely graciously given to him by his little sister. If you wouldn’t mind praying, yet again, Tyler and I would be very grateful.

Once again I would like to reiterate that I am so blessed to have you following our journey. Knowing that you, yes you, are here with us in all this is a comfort and increases my joy. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

4 thoughts on “A Week and a Day

  1. Looks like you are all set! What great friends you have to do that shopping for you.
    Still loving all of the photos…Thank you for that.
    Love to everyone!

  2. Big, BIG hugs! So glad to be beside you on this journey! Will be praying Tyler is over his bug by the morning!!

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