Our Sunday’s Best

At the birthday party of every new week we don our party clothes and gather for the celebration of the One who created the day. Just as a party is more than the venue church is more than the locale. The people make the church just like the people make the party.

Today, Pentecost Sunday, is considered the birth of the church. It is the day we remember when the Holy Spirit showed up and the people began to do what God has designed for them to do: live in love lived out loud. You know how some people bring the party with them? That is what happened on that wonderful day so long ago; the Holy Spirit brought the party with Him.

I was slightly concerned by how our Kaitlynn would respond to the life of an MK and a PK. I had nothing to be worried about! This little lady was born for this. You should have seen her getting her greet on this morning as she worked the crowd: so happy, so confident, just shining! She smiled and played with the people sitting behind us. She gave kisses to anyone who said hello. She was saying Hola to everyone. She wasn’t the least bit shy; quite the contrary, she was soaking up the attention and turned on the cuteness. It was a real treat to watch.

We are so grateful to be friends with the orphanage director. She is a strong Christian lady who attends the International Church here in town. She was gracious enough to duck out of her service early today and bring Kaitlynn to church at our service (just a few blocks away). I cannot tell you how thankful I am that she has been so accommodating during this extended visitation period. To leave the Home Kaitlynn must be accompanied by a worker. She stepped in and was that worker this morning. So wonderful!

Here is a shot of Kaitlynn with Jennifer. I think this will be a treasured picture for Kaitlynn when she is old enough to understand the privilege of being able to spend 15 months of her life under the excellent care of this lovely woman.

Sunday, May 23, 2010. Timothy was off to the side making faces at her; that is where the smile and the diverted gaze come from.

Jennifer blogs about the orphanage: Homes of Love

A volunteer at her home named Savannah also blogs about Homes of Love: Southern Living – in Cochabamba


One thought on “Our Sunday’s Best

  1. I love that she loves the limelight! I can see her being the perfect little church greeter…I’m sure her smile and hug could lighten any heavy soul!!

    Big, Big hugs!

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