We Bring Kaitlynn Home Today!

The day is still waking up as are my little ones. I tossed and turned all night in happy expectation mixed with other emotions. 5:30 I was out of bed in the chilly, dark house. DaRonn had done the same long before me. So I made bread pudding for breakfast.

Words are failing me. I am going to have to get the kids ready for school shortly as well. So I will just post some pics of our final day of prep and visitation at the orphanage. Oh, and in case you are just joining me in this wonderful story, today we bring our daughter Kaitlynn home! 3:00 is our appointment with the judge. I am praying that it all goes well.

Tyler's transition to the big boy bed went very smoothly. He slept fine last night, his first night. I am so proud of him.
This is the bed he handed down. She is going to love it! Come on home baby...
This was the bag that came with us to all our visits. Essentials: doll, blanket, comb, water, club crackers, camera, and lip gloss (a fave).
These three little pretties were lovingly called "the triplets" at the Home for about a year until true triplets arrived at the Home. The true triplets are 3 mo. old and soooo cute. These three pictured here are about the same age and came on the same day. This pic was taken yesterday (5 - 25 - 10).
This pic was taken 2-09 during their first days at the Home. They were all about a year old. They are the best of friends.
On a Red Rider trike with a Sock Monkey shirt, pig-tails and a contented smile. How can I be so blessed?!

11 thoughts on “We Bring Kaitlynn Home Today!

  1. I can’t believe we’re FINALLY at this very special day!! So happy and crazy excited for you guys!! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers ALL day I know!!

    Big, BIG hugs!

  2. Watching the clock and praying! Praying all goes smoothly and you are all finally together tonight! So happy for you!

  3. Yeah! So much excitement for you. I’m am sure right now you are enjoying one another in your home together a forever family. I had you all on my mind last night, even had a dream about all 3 girls sitting on the bed together. I’m sure you are dancing on clouds right now. All our love to the whole family.

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