Darwin’s Octopus

One of my favorite mom quotes from growing up as the oldest of five is: If Darwin’s theories were correct then long ago mothers would have evolved into a multi-tasking creature with eight arms. Now as a mama with five of my own I whole-heartly agree. A few extra appendages would be nice when meal times roll around, when two littles vie for lap time, or when the housework refuses to be tamed.

Full arms is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. “She girds herself with strength, And makes her arms strong.” That is one of my favorite parts of the Proverbs 31 verses. I am so grateful that God has placed in my arms so many precious souls. Beyond that He has given me strength to reach and hold their hearts close to mine.

Then I got to thinking about it. God gave me two arms. That is the perfect amount of arms that any mother could have. Then He did somethings miraculous and wonderful. He surrounded me with people who also have arms. My husband who has two muscly arms works hard to provide for this family. Then with those same arms he tickles the kids in all their secret tickle spots and throws them high above his head until they squeal with laughter. Then there are my two oldest daughters with four more sweet and gentle arms to hold the babies and play fun games together. My eldest son employs his arms washing dishes, cleaning up and scratching his mama’s back. When I really get to looking around there are so many pairs of arms that I lose count. Close friends link arms with me as we walk these twisty roads. Church people lift their arms in worship and prayer with me as we join together in service to our Lord. Last but not least the pudgy little arms of dozens of dears lifted to me for the simple yet profound exchange of a hug give me purpose both temperal and eternal.

So maybe Darwin wasn’t all the way right. The being doesn’t evolve to it’s surroundings. Rather, in all His infinite wisdom, God created humanity to thrive in community. I am not an octopus mom, but I am so grateful for the dozens of arms that help and hold me.


8 thoughts on “Darwin’s Octopus

  1. This is one of my all time favorite blogs of yours. I really love it….so beautifully written and such sweet thoughts. I wish my arms were there to help you out and to give you a hug and to lift them in worship with you. But know that the arms of my heart and of my prayers are reaching out to you. I love and miss you friend. You are a Proverbs 31 woman and I couldn’t have been blessed with a better friend.

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