10 days away

Ten days from now is my birthday. I have some fun things planned. More on that later. For now, though, I want to hear from you. Let’s talk birthdays!

Which was your most memorable birthday and why?

C’mon, I know that there are some stories out there. Let us hear it!

a clue to my age... in case you were curious


25 thoughts on “10 days away

  1. I’m a Leap Year Baby so most of my REAL birthdays were memorable. But the BEST was my 5th Real Birthday. I was away at college and my college chums had MUCH planned for me. I was sure to call my mother the day before because I was VERY worried that I wouldn’t get my usual Saturday morning call in with all the excitement.

    I gave a run down of all the weekend festivities to Mom and then told her…”but I don’t think that’s all.” “Why do you say that?” “Well, my suitemates are always up to something and I think they have something up their sleeves!” We both laughed and she wished me a Happy 5th Birthday.

    The next day…my REAL birthday. It was lunch time and for some crazy reason ALL of my 10 suite mates were there for Saturday lunch! We all went in as a group and walked through the large dining room and into the food service room. I was the last one outta the room and even after one of my suite mates came in to check on me I STILL didn’t pick up on anything…UNTIL I walked outta the room and back into the dining area where I saw a huge table with balloons, cake, my Mom and her good friend Lauryn!!

    I was caught so by surprise and was so amazed that my own MOTHER caught me so off guard! I was really in my own world walking in because I never saw the table with all the balloons or anything! What a ditz!

    One of my suite mates got me a singing telegram and it was a girl dressed up like Raggedy Ann with a HUGE teddy bear…she sung “You must of been a Beautiful Baby”. The whole dining room sang me our birthday tradition songs. And I got NUMEROUS Happy Birthday 5 year old cards! It was a perfect surprise!

    My mom also made me a cute pair of pink short overalls that I still have to this day – cuz every 5 yr old needs play clothes, she said!

    What makes that birthday even more special is that it was the last I ever spent with my Mom! As she died suddenly in January the next year.

    It will always be my most favorite birthday EVER!

    Love ya!
    Livvy Lu

    P.S. Hope this wasn’t too long!

    1. Not too long at all. I loved hearing about your precious day. I would imagine that would have been a memorable. I have a feeling your mother and I would have gotten along swimmingly. Thanks for sharing, Livvy Lu!

  2. 21. Interviewed for a job at a funeral home. Watched my wife & b-i-l’s favorite college football team (Huskers) get steamrolled by Colorado.

  3. Hard to choose between these two:

    My 8th. We arrived in Germany (Air Force family) the day before my birthday, so there was no party or anything. But my folks brought me to the store and let me pick anything I wanted. I got the cutest little baby doll. She came with several outfits and a bar of Ivory soap.

    My 16th. Spent some fun time with my friend at the Family Fun Center and came home to a houseful of friends and family. It was a big surprise!

  4. Birthdays are so nice :) My most memorable birthday was when I was pregnant with Emma, it felt like all these blessings were so abundant that even when I was feeling sick as a dog I was the luckiest girl alive.

    1. I might have just gotten pregnant with our oldest on my first birthday after getting married but just not have known yet. For number 2, 3, and 4 I was most definitely pregnant on my birthday and I remember liking the fact that I was carrying a child.

  5. I think aside from childhood birthdays (which were all memorable back then) this last one for me was the best. I went to Egypt for my birthday and had an awesome time!

  6. Happy Birthday for the 19th!!
    I can’t wait to hear about your day, and all the things you have planned.

    One of the memorable birthdays for me was travelling over to Paris to be there for the day! Definitely one of my favourites :)

  7. One of my favorites was my 11th. I had a party with all my friends and we played games – mostly relay races type of games. Then my grandparents who were there taught us how to play a game involving trying to blow a ping pong ball off a table.

    I think it was the best one for me because it was the last time my grandparents were there together with us. They divorced two years later, but then I didn’t know there were problems.

    I’m planning two birthday parties for my two sons back to back this weekend… ugh! Thanks for the reminder that the memories for them will last longer than the work for me!

  8. Hi Angie, just read your last couple of blogs, i enjoyed reading them a lot. Your birthday, June 19th, is the same as my mom’s! Last year i was able to spend my birthday with my mom & family in California, and had a great time.

  9. Yes, you would love my Mom! We both had a very similar sense of humor and you would especially love talking literature and writing with her! She was so knowledgeable and a very talented writer!

    1. Ok, maybe you are in one of those alternate time dimensions like on LOST… but this is 2010??? Or not? I am so bad with knowing what year is the leap year… perdoname. :)

    2. Ha! You make me laugh, Livvy Lu! 2012 – like the movie – I shan’t forget my dear. 10 years old is a fun age. :) Of course, with you, every age is a fun age ’cause you are a fun gal!

  10. Back to back parties… might I prescribe much caffeine for you and as little sugar as possible for your boys? :)

    Thanks for the comment, Ellie.

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