Trail Mix in the Making

When I was in grade school I visited a potato chip factory. They called it a field trip. This was no ordinary blah-blah tour. They actually let us grab chips off of the conveyor belt as they headed for the bagging bit and eat them!

This post will be no where near as exciting as that excursion. Guaranteed. Though, it will be like unto it as these are some points that are future Trail Mix material. As my brainy conveyor belt processes these bits you can have a taste.

Now, on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • My parents arrive in two weeks! Yay! Flipping around and bouncing off the walls YAY!
  • Getting all the little things fixed up and straightened out for their visit.
  • Friday we have an evaluative visit at the court office. People summoned: DaRonn, Kaitlynn, Raimy and me. Evidently Raimy is the only child old enough to answer their questions.
  • The address of the above meeting: On San Martin, to the left of the courthouse, in an office by the courtyard with the big tree, ask around for Ms. So and So. Okie dokie.
  • At this Friday evaluation we will find out our final court appearance date! That’s the big ‘un where the adoption is finally finalized.
  • Got some surprises brewing for my dad. While he is here we will celebrate his 60th b-day.
  • We should probably think about doing something for the 4th of July???
  • There is a group coming that we are getting ready for.
  • We are counting down the days for the arrival of our newest long-term team members… end of July.
  • Kids’ winter break starts Saturday! Three weeks free! Truth be told, I am looking forward to this break as much as (or even more than) they are.
  • This may sound shrugworthy to you but I am super excited about the launch of my new blog layout on Sat. (birthday present). Been tweaking and putting the finishing touches on and can’t wait to show you what my designer came up with!
  • Looking forward to August when I will be doing more: running, reading and writing.

So what’s on your conveyor belt?

3 thoughts on “Trail Mix in the Making

  1. On my list:
    1. School is ending in two weeks. I think I am ready.

    2. A cousin of my husband’s is coming. Really hoping to enjoy our time with her and hoping she sees the Light while she is here – that is really on my heart this summer.

    3. Intensive decluttering and cleaning the house going on before she comes!

    4. Still dealing with an on-going crisis in our country, and becoming tired from the daily-ness of it all.

    5. My heart is broken from somethings I have heard in the news that happened in our country. It sickened me, steals my appetite, and makes me want to attack someone… but it drives me to my knees in a crying out for this land that I have not done before.

    6. And on a much smaller scale, I’m ticked at myself for gaining five pounds, and am really too tired to get off my, um… rear, and do something about it.

    1. Ellie, I am sorry to hear that your heart is broken. Then on the other side, like you said, this will give your prayers a fervency making them effective in their working.

      Enjoy the visit from your cousin-in-law!

  2. Ahhh…My conveyor belt is evidently making mashed potatoes because that’s kinda how I feel.

    1. Had a long day:

    a. first visit with new family that went very well and both mom and I are already on the same page about what her little guy needs (answered prayers!).

    b. Then meeting with my Co-op Director – she can’t replace the other OT and is hoping I might be able to pick up part of her load…BIG HUGE puzzle to figure out! But job security at it’s finest!

    c. Day 2 of 5 of VBS @ WOLC. I’m with one of my darlings and in the Red group (all 1st and 2nd graders) are 47 kiddos. Cute and precious…but chaos at it’s finest. But we’re having fun…and EVERYBODY leaves exhausted!! Not even a stiff Starbucks latte gets me through a night with plenty of energy!

    2. Prepping for my cousin’s wedding in Orange County California next week…fancy…which means I need to shop for nice dresses, possible shoes, hubby’s attire, beach stuff, manicure & pedicure, etc. I’ve been prepping for weeks…but I’m not there yet…ugh…

    3. Need to get serious about fixing up house and decluttering if we’re TRULY gonna sell it and move to a slightly larger place in order to start a family. Seems like a project larger than life and truly is paralyzing at this moment. But yet, everything does after day 2 of VBS!! Maybe I should just go to bed, eh?

    4. Am trying to work on me…spiritually, mentally, physically, etc. I’m such a giver that I put myself LAST…and sometimes even on purpose. I deserve my special attention on me…but at the same time feel as if I don’t “deserve” it. There’s plenty of roots to dig up, kill, etc. And just praying that God helps me get to the heart of the issues so that I can soar with His help from there.

    …I’ll stop with that cuz that’s most of the stuff I’m being pounded with. Now I’m just waiting for the butter, a clove or two of garlic and a splash of milk to make these taters yummilious!

    Here’s hoping they don’t become twice baked!!

    Big, BIG hugs!

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