Not just the That but the Why as well

It’s easy to let the bedheads run free when they look so cute. Don’t you agree?

“Mama, can you take a picture of us?” Tyler asks as he helps his sister climb into the comfy chair near my desk. Undeniably one of the cutest little 10 seconds of their whole lives. Then they were off with bitty baby doll in tow to play to their heart’s content.


My parents were here for two weeks. Though I was virtually silent in virtual land we were loud and rambunctious and all over the place when they were here. There are some pics on facebook if you want to check them out. There will be a few posts here about the marvelous visit.

For these few moments I have between morning errands and getting lunch ready I wanted to get down a few of the first things impressed upon me most during our vacation.


My dad…

I love my dad. I know that. That is the That in the title. I know that I love my my dad. Having him here in flesh and blood, in hugs and smiles, in talks and tickles, and in play and work I was reminded that I love him. I was also reminded (and rehearted too) why I love him. The Why was refreshed. The way he talks, the way he is with my kids, the twinkle in his eye, the stuff he knows how to do, his power naps, his long strides, his sense of humor, his easy going nature are all wonderful things that I had forgotten I missed.

It’s great to know that you love someone, and what’s more, that they love you too. It is a treasure to remember and let your heart delight in why you love this person and let them express to you why they love you too.

My mom…

She is Oma. All my kids love their Oma, even the youngest who met her for the first time. Seeing the connections take place with Oma and the Grands was miraculous to say the least.

On one of the first days my mom said something that matched my thoughts at that very moment. She said, “I am so glad we still have stuff we can teach them.” It was in that moment that I was thinking how great it was that my kids were just soaking up everything that Oma and Opa were showing them. There were knitting lessons, new card games learned, scrabble tips instilled, and fun little songs, just to name a few. I had never realized how the high esteem my kids have for their Oma and Opa could create such a great desire to learn. From the moment they stepped foot in the door to when we loaded the truck for them to leave there was a constant flow and exchange of learning and rich new experiences. It has always been the philosophy of my mom that learning should be fun. I am so glad she is passing that along to my young, impressionable ones like she did for my when I was a kid.


So much more to process and tell. Soon… For now I gotta get cooking.

Until then, remember why you love the ones you do and have fun learning something today.


5 thoughts on “Not just the That but the Why as well

  1. Angie, in reading this I remembered, being at your house, while school was going on or for lunch or just a visit. Your mom did make things fun, reminded me of our moms, I still remember Laura teaching me to knit and make cheese frenches. When we decided to home school a lot of the things we did at first were things I had observed or heard your mom talk about. I now teach a hands on science class, very interactive, several times last winter I thought of your mom. I’m so glad you and your wonderful children had this time with your parents, they are truly wonderful people.

    1. Sandy, thank you for sharing these precious memories. It is amazing how far reaching our childhood experiences are into our whole life.

  2. so glad you are back. even though i knew why you were not writing i still missed reading your blogs. :)
    i love this post. i especially liked what you had to say about dad. i find him very hard to describe, but the way you said things was perfect.
    im so glad that you got to have this visit with them. and i cant wait to hear more about how it affected you.
    love you

  3. Adorable photo, yes.

    SO glad to hear you had such a great time with your family. That is SO wonderful. And I’m glad you took a break from blogland! good for you. :)

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