Fernando Crespo’s Pegasus at Parque Ulises Hermosa

“Fernando, you said we would get to see the Pegasus today,” I said.

“Ah, yes. You still want to see it?” was his coy response.

“Yes. Tell me how to get there”

“I will show you.”

Once we were back in town the drive to the park where his art is on display took all of a few minutes, not far from my house. I had never been there before. For those familiar with the area we came up Simon Lopez from the Plazuela de Calal Cala and entered to the North after passing Beijin, the park is next to a canal on Awki Tupaji (I am pretty sure) about five blocks up from Simon Lopez. To think that it was so close, yet unknown to me, was like a juicy secret had been kept for just this special moment now whispered in my ear.

The story goes that the piece was done in dedication to a dear friend of Fernando Crespo named Ulises Hermosa when he passed away after a battle with cancer. He was a member of a famous Bolivian folkloric group called Los Kjarkas (clicking that link allows you to hear their music and read some about them). Actually, the whole park where the sculpture stands is dedicated to the memory of this man.

Pegasus being riden by Ulises Hermosa, sculpture of metal by Fernando Crespo 2009, Cochabamba, Bolivia
A view of part of the park that covers about three square blocks of land
The artist Fernando Crespo, Clara and Timothy standing in front of the piece
a view from the front
a view from the back
The signature in the top: "F.C.", as well as the name he is known by: "Tiburon" which means Shark
Plaque with the name of the park: Parque Ulises Hermosa
The inscription on the base of the sculpture are lyrics by Ulises Hermosa (translation follows)

Lyrics by Ulysis Hermosa (hermosa means beautiful)
on Pegasus piece by Fernando Crespo

(Ayer planté un arbolito)

Yesterday I planted a little tree

(Al borde de mi destino)

On the edge of my destiny

(Con el tiempo luminoso)

With the passage of the season of brilliance

(Era feliz y crecía…)

I [or it] was happy and grew…

(…ese arbolito querido)

…this dear little tree

(el que guardaba mis sueños)

That held my dreams

(Ahora refleja mi vida)

Now reflects my life

(Son extraños los misterios)

Strange are the mysteries


Yes, mysteries are strange. They are also awe inspiring, wonderful and call for reflection.

The End.

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4 thoughts on “Fernando Crespo’s Pegasus at Parque Ulises Hermosa

  1. What a wonderful story, Angie! Thanks so much for sharing. I always did wonder what was behind the story of that sculpture since you first posted it. So nice to know now and to read about the adventure you had in finding it. Glad your mom got to throw a pot there too!

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