Raising Mork

Considering that 80s and 90s music is now played on the oldies radio stations, and those songs bring back memories of my teenage years, I fear I am in grave danger of dating myself with the pop-culture reference I am about to use.

Does anyone remember the T.V. show “Mork and Mindy”? Robin Williams cut his comedy teeth on this series about an alien that is kicked off of his planet and takes up residence with a young single gal here on earth. The episodes revolved around Mork, the alien, trying to learn how to live on earth. I really don’t remember much aside from the fact Mork came out of a man-sized egg and I always found his seemingly juvenile antics hilarious.

I feel like I am raising a Mork-like creature. She didn’t arrive in an egg, but she operates from the reasoning of a different world than I do. We have known her for about 2 months now and she has been in our home for less than that amount of time. She is curious and a fast learner. At times, though, it is mind-boggling how independent she is.

Mork came to the earth walking, talking and dressing himself; albeit he put his clothes on backwards but at least he put them on. This little girl came to me walking, talking, dressing herself, feeding herself and even potty trained. I have nothing to complain about. She is intelligent, expressive, endearing and healthy.

I just find myself staring at her sometimes thinking that we have welcomed this alien creature into our home. She is trying desperately to fit in; while doing a most incredible job, I might add. Still, the Spanish is foreign, yet right here in my home. I find the mannerisms and attitudes to be vaguely familiar, before always at an arms length, now a part of my family. Even her scent is different. Not to mention the games, her food preferences and survival techniques.

Like Mindy on the show I am, most of the time, welcoming and accepting. At other times she was exasperated and frustrated at the tedious behavior of this new being that intruded her life. I can relate. The comedy comes when I have to cock my head to the side as I watch her do something and I try to introduce her to a new method. In the end the two found a way to make things work and the audience got a few laughs out of it. We are finding a way to make it work here as well.

I think back to when my other four had been with me for a mere two months. They were squishy, didn’t speak my heart language yet, and were very much like an alien to me.

The difference is that they had grown within my belly for nine months. We were in constant, palpable contact the whole incubation period. I held them with my body before they were laid in my arms. They grew in me before they grew on me.

I am sure that with the passage of time this new little alien will grow on me too. There has been something daily that has shocked me. Getting to know her has not been gradual in the least. It has been like inviting a full grown alien into my home and learning to love it with my whole heart.

Like I tell my kids all the time, love is a choice. I truly do love my Kaitlynn with all my heart. I am just waiting for the feelings to come. In the meantime I look for the humor in the day to day.


5 thoughts on “Raising Mork

  1. I always enjoy reading about this journey of yours, Angie. One of these days the bond between you and your little “alien” will be so strong that you will hardly remember that she wasn’t born to you. I’ve not adopted, but I imagine that is what it will be like.

    In the meantime, enjoy the journey and the laughs!

  2. What a great way to describe it. it all makes perfect sense. love is a choice. and its not always simple.
    with my own kids i feel this push and pull in our relationship.
    as Sasha has grown and the more i learn about who she is becoming, i find that i like her so much. we really are good friends.
    MacKenzie is something different. Most of the time i dont understand her, we have a lot less in common. she is teaching me a different kind of bonding then Sasha and i had.
    The motherly love is there, but the bonding beyond that has been different with them each. I am eager to get to know Chloe’s personality as it emerges.
    I can only imagine how strange it would be to walk through the process of falling in love with someone who (thus far) has be raised by other people.
    Wow. that is a lot of emotional stuff to work through.
    still praying

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