August Winds of Change

This brain I have been given is in an almost constant mode of analyzing, processing and rethinking. They’ve told me it’s a good thing. Upside: creating and inventing are fulfilling. Downside: there’s this nagging discontent with me pretty much all the time.

(Have you noticed that I am analyzing my over-analytical tendencies? Ironic? Nope. Redundant. Yes.)

"Welcoming Change" photographic self-portrait 7.30.10

So all of July I have known that August was coming. (Deep. I know.) Along with the proverbial flipping of the calendar page I wanted to implement some changes and refresh some healthy habits. To put it in cliches I will be cinching up the belt and pulling myself up by the bootstraps. Slide me some elbow grease and let’s get to it.

A few circumstantial points of interest for this month:

>> We are most likely going to have our final court date for the adoption allowing us to move forward with the citizenship papers and legal documents. (fingers crossed!)

>> Our missionaries arrived! This couple has committed to three years of working with us here in Bolivia. Just so good on so many levels. They are expecting their first child in March. They are a great addition to our team.

>> During this two month adjustment time of bringing in a new member to our family I have set aside some used-to-be priorities. Cravings for the discipline that brings a healthy life have reemerged. Eating better and getting more active are regimens to be installed in August.


How ’bout you? Is August bringing winds of change in your life? Care to share?


13 thoughts on “August Winds of Change

  1. Life will change, as it always does, but I have no clue what that change will be. Actually I know I at some point I will need to get a better hearing aid and a new prescription for my glasses. As I get even older I will need new and improved meds, for my ever older and aging body :) . My clothes will probably keep shrinking. Nothing they can do to bring back my hair or lost brain cells though.

    My life is simple, like many of my so called friends claim I am. :) Walks at the beach and park, to keep my body in shape. Working part time at a homeless shelter to keep my soul in shape. Everyone in my family is now gone, but I do keep my social skills sharp by having lunch with my so called friends. :)

    Being retired from working for a paycheck allows me to focus on today, and take tomorrow as it comes.

    Please don’t hate me. :)

    1. How could anyone hate you, Ed? Not me, I can tell you that. :) Your life sounds like nothing short of glorious. Thanks for living life to the fullest.

  2. I love your analytical brain, Ang! :-)

    For me, August always brings changes. Back to work. Kids back to school. Me turning another year older. I also start to panic a little when I realize how close the year is to being over and I look back to see if I’ve been productive enough.

    1. Aw, I am glad you like my brain, friend. :) Yes, your bday is right around the corner! Hurray! I feel you on that productivity issue.

  3. I’m feeling ya…..I am making some adjustments this month as well. Mainly just in the area of health. I’ve not recovered from our trip to the states and I am sick of looking at clothes that I once could wear! So…..August is my change month.

    I am also listing 10 things a day that I am thankful and grateful for…..we’ll see where this goes, but I feel like I need to be in a constant state of thankfulness of what the Lord has done for me. I am looking forward to having Him show me those little areas that I overlook! :)

    I’m with you friend……the winds of change!

  4. NEW HOUSE!!!!!
    summer break is over and Sasha goes back to school, that means a change in shedule.
    new sunday school curriculum for my 6th graders.
    all good stuff.

  5. School starts in August…the 23rd for fulltime status (the week before is trying to get a schedule together & meetings, etc.). I’m not ready, and I have a plethra of projects to finish…some to start, and I’m doing my best not to get anxious! I am picking up 2-3 more schools…possibly 4…which is job security at it’s finest!!! And also a little anxiety provoking.

    I will make it…I just need an attitude and heart adjustment. I wonder how many cups of coffee will fix that!!?! Hahaha! Or hours at the Upper Room!!

    Big, big hugs!

  6. I would love to encourage you on the eating better, and more movement front. I need to get there myself. I am hopeful that the kids will get into their school routine, and I will be able to carve out a little excercise time. I also need to get our dinners back into working order. Creamsicles really do not constitute an entree.

    My external brain should also arrive soon, which I am hoping will help me get ahead of the crowd. Not to mention Bible Studies start up here with the school year. Getting into the Word always brings changes in mysterious ways. We will keep your family in prayer.

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