Trail Mix

Now, on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • Growing, sprouting and shooting up right before my very eyes my children spurted all over the place this weekend.
  • Raimy sang at church helping to lead worship for the first time. She loved it!
  • Raimy also did our family market shopping by herself on Saturday. She also enjoyed that.
  • Gabrielle had her birthday party with three friends solidifying the fact that she is whopping nine years old.
  • Tyler is saying new grown up things like, “Well alright,” with a pleasant grin when asked to do something and, “Papa, have you seen my cow?” when looking for a lost toy and, “Come on, Kaitlynn, let’s go,” when choosing to include his sister in his current activity. He will be four in a few weeks.
  • Kaitlynn needs her bangs trimmed for the third time since we brought her home. I might trim the rest to level it off. Not only is her hair growing fast she is stretching out so much that some of the clothes we used when she first came (3 months ago) no longer fit her.
  • And in other non-kid-related news…
  • The city is full of smoke from a forest fire up on the hill in Tunari National Park to the North. The fire has been raging since Saturday. The secretary of the Cochabamba governmental office of The Matters of Mother Earth has the task of getting things under control. They are hoping that they will have the man power to do so after the festival of Urkupiña finishes today since all the volunteer firemen are participating in the parades and whatnot. Article in Spanish can be found here: Los Tiempos.
  • Sunday a group of Brazilians came to church for the first time. DaRonn asked them how they heard about us. They said that they flagged down a taxi and told the driver, “Take us to church.” The driver brought them to ours. Upon leaving they asked for the exact directions so that they can come again. Angelic taxi driver? Could be.
  • Walking is going well. A smattering of friends join me. It is nice. When I get back home I do sit-ups. Call me crazy, but abdominal exercises are enjoyable to me.
  • I saved the best for last…
  • An online publication has invited me to be a guest writer. I solicited this opportunity a while back. It is thrilling to be accepted!

(Click the pics to see them larger)

10 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. I think it has been about 10 years since we have seen you and your Family in Tulsa! You guys have grown so much. I’m proud to be a supporter of yours and hope we can do more in the future. Facebook and the internet have been a great way to keep up with the Washington’s journey. You make God proud of the works you’re doing in his name. Bolivia will never be the same because or your family’s sacrifice for them. I was glad to see that your mom and dad got to come out and see what an awesome ministry work you are doing! I had dinner with them the month they came out and they were excited. Can’t wait to see them again and hear the story again.
    Your Friends,
    The McIntoshs’

    1. Hey McIntoshs’!

      My parents told us they were able to sit down with you for a meal. That is great. Thank you for all your kind words. I am encouraged. The internet is marvelous for staying in touch!

  2. How exciting about the angelic taxi driver!!!! That is so awesome! Do you think Kaitlynn is growing so fast due to the difference in meals? I know you’d stated Bolivians eat a great deal of soup. Just curious.

    You had such a yummy mix this blog. OH…can you see the fire from your window or just the smoke??

    Big BIG hugs!

    1. Hi Livvy Lu! Yes! We could see the fire from our house. Well, Kaitlynn’s growth could be from the change in diet; the home where she was has a primarily vegetarian diet. Could be the added protein of our family’s food. I think that it is most likely due to the fact that she is two and still at a pretty fast growth rate in general.
      Love ya!

  3. Thanks for the family update.

    I don’t know how old Raimy is but she must have more discipline that most of the young American kids I know. You send them shopping and all you’ll have to eat is junk food. Of course you could say that about a lot of adults here as well.

    I also love reading how Tyler is including Kaitlynn in his activities. That isn’t a dynamic I see in many families.

    What a great title for a government office “Matters of Mother Earth”. I do wonder about the priorities of the firemen, choosing a festival over fighting a fire.

    You guys must be doing a great job of spreading the faith when local taxi drivers delivery tourist to your church.

    I have always loved walking. I do one to three miles of power walking every day, depending on the weather, and how my 67 year old bones feel. I must admit most of the power has gone out of my walking, its now more of a power crawl.

    Congrats on the writing job.

    1. Gee, Ed, you sure have your validation skills honed. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      Raimy is 12. I am so very proud of her for being so responsible.

  4. im so proud of Raimy for doing the shopping. i know its different here, but its my favorite part of the week. she is getting so mature. dont forget that i was only two years older then her when i went on my first mission trip. great things are in store for that girl, i know it.
    i keep waiting for MacKenzie to have a growth spurt, but she just seems to stay small. she has only gained 2 pounds in over a year. i think Chloe may catch up with her before long. Mack is just going to be my little one always.
    Congratulations on the writing gig! this is big news! when do you start? what is the publication? what will you be writing about?
    Love you Angie

  5. That is so cool about the taxi drop off! Angelic Taxi Driver for sure!!
    And congrats on the writing opportunity. Be sure to share the link to your article!

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