A Day in the Life of

6:00 alarm. wake myself up with a combo of coffee and twitter / facebook / email / reader checks.

6:15 make breakfast. usually something like: oatmeal, pancakes, french toast, cream of wheat, or eggs. chat with Gabrielle, my fellow early bird.

6:30 wake the other two school kids. set everyone about their business of prep for school.

7:10 family devos and prayer on the couch.

7:20 scootch the three big ones out the door to school.

7:30 meander about the house finishing getting myself ready for the day and then moving along to the two little ones who get baths and assistance in all the rest: brushing teeth, brushing hair, dressing, shoes, etc.

8:30 house help arrives M, W and F so that I can do missionary stuff like: phone calls, writing, emails, organizing, proofreading, planning, praying, visiting, meetings, etc. On the T days I putter around doing home stuff and blogging and whatnot.

9:45 M, W, F walking with my friends followed by sit-ups at home followed by a shower.

11:00 more missionary stuff or home stuff.

12:00 delegate or make lunch.

1:00 kids home from school and we eat lunch.

2:00 little ones down for nap / rest time. chilling with the husband for siesta. shift change with the house help (I have two part time gals).

3:00 start the kids on their homework, help where needed.

3:45 take Timothy and Gabrielle to chess class (except Thur.)

4:45 go to pick up kids from chess class.

6:00 make dinner. on Fridays DaRonn and I have our date night in which case all below is taken care of by someone else. Yeah!

7:00 we all chill: games, playing, or t.v. / movie.

8:00 three youngest to bed.

9:00 son to bed.

10:00 everyone else in bed. sometimes DaRonn and I watch an episode of something.

In the in between times I do far less reading and writing than I would like to admit, but I try. There are also variations when other work stuff comes up or when I make sanity-plans to hang out with friends. The regular day-to-day is also jumbled up when we have visitors, events or other such pleasant interruptions.

Saturday is far less structured and finds us doing market shopping, a bit of church stuff and a lot of whatever we like. Sunday is: church, lunch, rest, skype with oma and opa, and church.

Obviously, as the situations, demands, and desires change the way I invest my time will change as well.

What does your “Day in the Life of” look like? You can post a link to a blog you have done about it or use the comment section to fill me in. Really, I am interested in YOUR life.


12 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of

  1. Thanks for this little tour through your days, Angie! Maybe I’ll do a similar post on my blog. But yours makes me realize that we don’t have a regular devotion time. Ours is rather sporadic!

    1. The family devo time is something I really wanted to focus on this school year. We use ‘The One Year Book of Josh McDowell’s Family Devotions: A Daily Devotional for Passing Biblical Values to the Next Generation’

      found here:

      but also available online with a feed and everything here:

      The online version is exactly like the book. It has a section of bible reading (which we usually skip for time’s sake) and a daily verse of focus (which we do read). Then a situational story geared towards the family followed by some discussion questions and a short prayer.

      My kids love it, especially the story aspect. I love it because it deals with making moral choices based on the word of God using a very palatable format.

  2. Oh my…6 am and I are not on speaking terms. I can’t imagine that nor can I imagine having such a specific routine. It’s very admirable and efficient @ng. I love the personalities that God has set in each of us. I’d lose my mind as you probably would with my routine. I really enjoyed knowing what you life looks like daily.

    1. The funny thing is, Thumbuddy, that I feel like most of my schedule is pretty hum-drum bordering on mundane. I would love to know what your day looks like my friend!

      1. Obviously, summer is different than when Emma is in school. We are pretty unstructrued. I give myself a weekly to do list and goals and fit them in when it flows.

        Now, we wake up when we wake up. The kids get breakfast, I don’t drink coffee so I wake up by checking email and facebook.

        We kick around, the kids play, I get some stuff done. We all get ready. Usually we have somewhere to be, be it a meeting, someone to visit, lunch with Dad at his work or errands.

        Play with kiddos. Maybe clean. Dinner. Two or three nights a week we have a meeting/ church/ worship band practice. Off nights we’ll have family time, walk, bike ride, go for ice cream, watch movie.

        We shoot for the girls to be in bed at 8:30 in the summer but we often miss that. We’re much more concerned about that during the school year. They each pick a book, all four of us snuggle in their full size bed and read. Then we read the Bible and pray, they snooze.

        Daniel and I will often catch up on shows on hulu or netflix movie.

        I give myself a loose routine while making sure I get all the important to dos done and making sure I spend enough quality time with my girls. I’m always counting on and hoping for interuptions with friend and family visits. I have to have change and variety.

        1. That is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to let me peek at your life. I love it! How perfect that you said, “Maybe clean.” Yes. :-) I don’t know, I might be able to hack that lifestyle for a while. I have been called a control freak so I might need to loosen the reigns a bit and be more intentional about the play time in our family. You are the coolest!

    1. I heard a quote once, Maureen, that went like this: If you want to get something done ask a busy person to do it. My husband says it has something do do with momentum and an industrious attitude. I don’t know about all that. I do know that days off are relished by this beaverish lady. :)

  3. wow! you make hot breakfest every morning? where did you get that? i remember growing up with cold cereal for breakfest. the only time we had a hot breakfast is when we went to grama’s for brunch on sundays. i didn’t even know there were people in the world who eat hot breakfest everyday. wow you have opened a whole new world to me. :)

    1. Hi Shawn :)

      The hot breakfasts were an economical decision. On Saturdays, Sundays and vacation days we have cereal and milk – as a treat. This is my second year doing hot breakfasts. It works for us right now.

  4. Thanks for asking about my day, and giving me a snap shot of yours. An egotist like me will take any excuse to talk about himself. :)

    Being retired, and living alone, my life is as unstructured as yours seems to be. I also have no family, or pets, so while I do socialize, almost none of it is schedule.

    When you are waking up at 6:00 am, I am often going to bed. I go to bed when I feel tired, and wake up when feel rested, unless there is actually something on my schedule. Once a week I work part time at a homeless shelter, usually on Friday.

    The first thing I do when getting up is slow stretching exercises. If I don’t then my back will act up.

    I take a shower in the morning, and a hot soaking bath before going to bed. I often take a mid-day shower on hot, humid, summer days.

    There are things I do every week, but I have no strict schedule as to when I do them.

    Mondays is usually library day. Tuesday usually house cleaning and laundry. Saturday is for sitting on the couch watching sports on the TV.

    Being a diabetic I eat a 300-400 calorie meal, four times a day, total carbs around 150, total calories around 1,500. On Saturday I pig out on whatever I feel like.

    After breakfast the first thing I do is go online and read the comics. For good mental health we need a daily dose of laughter.

    I go for a walk at the beach, or park, almost everyday. About once a month I go to the beach at dawn and watch the sunrise over the ocean. I think of the beach as my cathedral.

    I try to spend one hour a day in mediation, clearing my mind and being at one with the universe. :) I often spend this hour of mediation in the chapel of a local Catholic Church. I am an atheist but find this beautiful little chapel one of the quietest, most peaceful places, I know.

    The rest of my time is spent in equal parts on books, listening to music, podcasts, TV, surfing the Net for stories about anything and everything, blogging and tweeting with my online friends.

    1. Can I retire now? ;-)
      What a great life you have Ed. This part is perfect:
      “There are things I do every week, but I have no strict schedule as to when I do them.”
      This was my favorite:
      “I go for a walk at the beach, or park, almost everyday.”
      Thank you for sharing about your days.

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