When a Stumbler Stumbles

Seeing people do what they were born to do is one of the most beautiful things in the universe. Watching Tim Treadwell in action is one of those occurrences. His generosity and down-to-earth friendliness is poetry in motion, er, puns in motion to be more accurate. His quick comments on facebook are only the surface. He is also a blogger (handle: Stumbler), a master of delicacies in the kitchen, a teacher at a boarding school and (sssshhhh) a secret agent.

Let me back up just a bit and tell you how we met. If memory serves …

So there is this guy in England. He knows how to google. He is looking for info to teach his students about different countries and missionaries around the world. So he punches in “ex-pat Bolivia” and my dear friends the Holmans (Joe and Denise) pop up. So they strike up an online friendship based solely on a candy vs. sweets rivalry. He is sending them chocolates, sour bombs and biscuits. They are so kind to allow us to taste his treats and voice our opinion on the battle between American candy and sweets from the UK. Comments and convos start on facebook. Links are exchanged. I become a co-conspirator in secret agent hi-jinx. We are now friends.

That is the short story. There are other things I could tell you, but, as they say… then I’d have to kill you. (muahh ha ha!) Suffice it to say that Tim is a great guy and I am very thankful to know him. I am glad we stumbled upon eachother.

To watch a video of our most recent not-so-secret op together click this link to the House of Dreams blog and revel in the absolute cuteness of our Dreamers:

Connecting Continents


6 thoughts on “When a Stumbler Stumbles

  1. Actually it was just “Ex pat family” and theirs was top of the list. Due to thousands of pics added they are a bit down on the list now….. but can be found on Google images at “Ex Pat Family Holman”. I was intrigued by the large and varied family so I followed the link to Joe’s Blog…. and on from there. Joe and Denise have a lot of friends (being nice people) and you can’t help but get drawn in.
    (Angie is a top Secret Agent but I can’t tell you more or one of us would have to terminate you. No… really!)

    On the Sweets vs Candy front. British Sours win but American (sickly sweet) chocolate is favoured by the kids. (Denise has decent taste and shields the kids from disapointment by eating the good stuff so as not to ruin their palates.) The final blow was when Cadbury was taken over by America. A very underhand move!

    Oh…. and I’m not the guy who got eaten by Bears. (Try Googling my name.)


    1. Tim, I did google your name and saw all that stuff about the other guy. So odd!
      Thanks for clearing up the details of the story. I knew I would goof on something.
      I first had Cadbury chocolate in Australia. They raved it was the best chocolate ever. Nyeh. Not so much. I’m not one to go ga-ga for chocolate though. My favorite chocolate is chocolate milk (2nd: hot cocoa).
      For the record, the word sweets sounds better than the word candy… beyond that I am Switzerland: neutral (but speaking of Switzerland, I hear they have some knock out chocolate as well…)

  2. I love watching videos of kids smiling, and having fun. That they were smiling and having fun in school speaks to what a great job the House of Dreams is doing in giving them the faith to believe they can make their dreams come true.

    Children represent the future for all us, rich and poor.

    1. Yes, hope can be fostered by the environment surrounding us. The interviews with the kids were actually taken in the little room we have set up for them to do their homework and desk work at the House… although it serves to note that the school they go to is also a great place for keeping their dreams alive.

      I appreciate your comments Ed. :-)

  3. I am happy to have had the stumbler stumble over to Africa through blog connections as well :). It is kind of amazing how the internet is connecting people these days! I have to say that I prefer Hersheys over Cadburys any day. I am definitely a product of where I grew up. We do have some MK’s who request their parents to send Cadbury to them since they are harder to find in the U.S. So, they grew up in Kenya where Cadburys are more available. I think it has to do with what you get used to. :) I haven’t ever had British sours, but they sound interesting.

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