Trail Mix

Now on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • The last three posts were nice and meaty. This, my 699th post, will be light and snack like… but still exciting.
  • There are many more -umle words that could be put together nicely: tumble, crumble, stumble, grumble, rumble, humble, bumble, fumble, jumble… guess they will just have to wait patiently in my Moleskine for now.
  • We paid off our truck. Thank you God!!!
  • I have started running before I meet the girls to walk (M, W, F). I like it very much.
  • August: no more greasy foods. Same for September, plus cutting waaaaaaay back on the sugar intake.
  • ^Black coffee^ is yummy.
  • WE HAVE OUR FINAL COURT DATE TO BE RECOGNIZED LEGALLY AS KAITLYNN’S FAMILY!!! Monday, September13 at 10:30 am. Hurray! Party time!!!
  • Kids are in the final trimester of the school year. Weird to be hearing about back to school fun from up North while trying to keep the kids motivated to finish strong.
  • One final item of news before I go: (in)courage has invited me to be a guest writer! I am so super excited and over the top honored to have a slot in September amongst such a fab line up of ladies.

Curious: what is your favorite part about the current season in your corner of the world?


14 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. We’re in that weird not-quite-summer, not-quite-fall season. It can still be hot, but school has started and we’re back into our routines. Right now my favorite thing is having a few hours on Wednesdays to myself! That’s not exactly seasonal, but it’s what sticks out right now.

    1. That is seasonal, maybe not the weather type but surely the life type. When I get time to myself it is nice; I am glad you have that outlet, Becky.

    so does that mean you are in planning mode for your trip to the states? Do you need somewhere to stay?

    1. Shawn, thanks for getting excited about the court date, that means alot! Yes, God willing we will be in the States sometime in the next few months. Pray with us about that one, ok? Love you, sister!

  3. I will mark September 13th on my calendar Angie, and have a party right along with you.

    Being a diabetic I have also had to make big changes to my sugar intake. I had to get sick to get healthy.

    The warmer weather of summer lets me spend more time outside, at the beach and park. Breathing in the great beauty in the natural world I live in.

    We do have a hurricane, Earl, heading in our direction. However it is expected to pass us by, on Friday, with only some wind and rain. Our neighbor’s to the north will likely get slammed. I mention this because I enjoy watching stormy weather. The raw power of nature, wind, rain and lighting. I wish of course it didn’t cause the destruction it does.

  4. Am so excited about Kaitlynn’s REALLY FOR SURE day!!! What a trip you’ve been on…and now she’s gonna TRULY and ALWAYS be a Washington!!

    Big, big hugs my friend!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your writing at the (in)courage blog : )
    That is wonderful about Kaitlynn too! Now the courts will recognize what you already know to be true; that she is family : )

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