Guest Writer: Latina Lista

Wowzers! It all happened so fast my head is still spinning! Just after I got the green light from (in)courage to be a guest on their site I was contacted my Marisa at Latina Lista. She had seen my blog and was interested in having me as a monthly contributor on her site. I poked around her .net and saw that this was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up. So today I am featured on the front page of the site! Here is an excerp:

…It’s called El Día del Peatón.

All ages get out walking or riding their bikes, skateboards, tricycles and scooters. Even the dogs and horses join in on the fun. Booths are set up on the curbs selling refreshments like mocochinchi, coconuts with straws, and fresh squeezed orange juice.

Venders also make available outdoor toys such as kites, balloons and rubber balls…

Click here for the full story: Bolivia: Feet and pedal power fuel Pedestrian Day

Dedicated Hyperlink for future reference:

The format allows for comments if you feel so inclined. This is just so exciting!


4 thoughts on “Guest Writer: Latina Lista

  1. Congrats on your newspaper column, complete with byline.

    I love the idea of at least one day car less day. Especially the part about whole families, including dogs and horses, getting outside together. Not sure I want to be a pedestrian following horses though.

    I had to look up in mocochinchi. Cold peach cider sounds refreshing. I got a laugh when I read that “moco” means buggers in Spanish. Of course bugger cider might appeal more to young boys than peach cider.

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