Wednesday Without Words

20/IX/10 8:30

20/IX/10 13:05
20/IX/10 16:15


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

    1. Maureen, I counted yesterday and I have 30 pots of cacti. A few of the pots have some cactus that are obsessed with multiplication. So a very low estimate of how many cactus plants I have would be around 100. Then, add to that the first-time-ever experiment of planting about 75 cactus seeds yesterday. You have heard of cat ladies, I am a cactus lady. Ha! :-)

  1. No words are needed, I can see how beautiful your world is today.

    Catus are like many people, maybe a little ordinary looking on the outside, but so much beauty found within.

    I would love to join you for lunch. The best part of that picture for me is the bread. As a diabetic I’ve had to cut back on my carbs which means a lot less bread. I could make a meal of just fresh bread with olive oil.

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