All Over the Internet Today

How about some links?

1. To answer a question I pose about how to cope with the relationship  revolving door hitting you on the tooshie as a missionary: “Tuesday Topic: Revolving Door of Relationships”.

2. What do coasters for your warm frothy beverages have to do with a washer and dryer? Find out here: “Coasters for a Cause”.

3. Did I mention I tweet? It’s fun: atangie.

Bonus link:

Last year I did NaNoWriMo. It was thrilling. Shall I do it again this year? That is the question. Oh, and the other question is: Are you going to do it? Here’s their site: National Novel Writing Month.


One thought on “All Over the Internet Today

  1. As all my ex-girlfriends can attest I have had plenty of revolving door relationships, but none as a missionary. :)

    The Beams of Grace coasters look like a great way to remember a favorite trip.

    I like the idea NaNoWriMo but I only enjoy writing only when it’s spontaneous. If I know I have to write something that adds some degree of stress, and now that I am retired, stress is a word that I have erased from my vocabulary.

    I use to be a very goal oriented person, and mapped out my day almost hour by hour. A major change for me since I retired is that where I use prefer the comfort in having a plan, and goals, now I prefer as little planning as possible. Of course no longer working, and being a bachelor, with no pets, I don’t need to carry a day planner as I use to.

    I will guess that operating a mission, and being a mother, pretty much means your day planner is tied to you like an umbilical cord. :)

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