Wordy Wednesday

Usually we have Wednesday Without Words here at ‘the @’. However, yesterday I came upon this irresistibly beautiful, autobiographical acrostic. So today is a wonderfully Wordy Wednesday. She’s twelve and confident enough to write this impromptu unprompted description of herself. That is gold! Love you, Raimy!


13 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

    1. Mom, it hasn’t been natural. We have really been working on valueing ourselves and valueing others. It was good to see some evidence that it was sinking in. I love you too!

  1. I love Raimy’s very artistic penmanship, do they even teach that at school anymore?

    The lovely flowers in her hair, smile on her face = radiant.

    Good Ed – Inqusivitive, good-natured, optimistic, terpsichorean (with no sense of rhythm), amazed

    Bad Ed – nosy, cranky, incredulous, klutz, dumbfounded

    1. Ed, thanks for your thoughts. You know it does look like flowers but her hair is actually dyed! :) They do teach penmanship at her school… the teacher would rather she write in cursive, but that ain’t happening. I’ll let her know what you think. :)

    1. Amy, I just realized that our youngest kiddos are both two! Why have I not even thought about this fact before now? How fun is this!? :)

      Thanks for the comment. I hope you are well!

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