The @ is Over at the Latina Lista Site Today

Ages ago in the United States children were shipped long distances on trains in order to be adopted. Many of them grew up as little more than servants in the homes of their patrons. This was a dark time for the States. As the economy improved these methods were ratified and the changes were positive.

Currently adoption in the United States is viewed as a viable and loving way to make a family. Great strides have been made in the culture of adoption.

Now we can turn our eyes to the adoption culture of Bolivia.


Want to read more? Come on over to the Latina Lista site today… “The Adoption Culture — One of hope and frustration”

4 thoughts on “The @ is Over at the Latina Lista Site Today

  1. Hi there! I am so glad to have found you! What a fun family and ministry and site you have here! I am in the same boat–overseas, with my family, working with an orphanage, and trying to write to process it all. Thanks for sharing such a fun site, and I will be back to visit! Take care, Laura

  2. Great article Angie. Very articulate and informative.

    As you write, in a family oriented culture, which Bolivia seems to be, where the first priority is to our blood relatives, adoption is much less likely to be viewed as an option. That means the government will not devote the needed resources to the social services system. As you say, the change must come from the bottom up, the people need to change their view of family to a more collective one.

    Children represent the future. That is way the work being done you and the House of Dreams is so important.

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