Raimy’s birthday was chosen for her. She was a bit too comfy, two weeks over due. A little drip of contraction juice and we had a baby in our arms six hours later. She was born the 11th of March.

Timothy’s birthday was scheduled in a similar fashion. Just hook me up to the good stuff and I’ll give you a baby in a few hours. He was born the 11th of October.

Gabrielle, true to her personality streaked with obstinate strength and limit pushing defiance, came on her own on the 12th in August. Her due date was the 11th. Ha!  The labor was quick, truly enjoyable and satisfying.

Tyler had a planned birthday, too.  They gave me the choice of a c-section on the 6th or the 7th of September. We picked the 7th. He is my redeemer baby.

Now we have come to the day before the final court date to legalize the adoption or our daughter Kaitlynn. Another significant date falls on the 11th.

The contractions have started. There have been many times that I have compared this process to a pregnancy. There’s been: conception, regular visits, nesting, growing, pains, baby showers, emotions, and now a due date complete with emotional contractions. The worry, indifference, and elation take turns in waves. The intensity increases and wanes and I grasp my husband for support. This is the night before.

My feelings right this moment are identical to the pre-birth feelings I had when the others graced the world with their beings. It won’t be long now…


10 thoughts on “Contractions

  1. Oh Angie,
    it is so precious to get an insight into how you are feeling right now. I was induced twice an i know what you mean about the night before. i always had a hard time falling asleep knowing i was only hours away.
    Enjoy tomorrow, i cant wait to hear all about it. Kaitlynn will have a unique birth story. my prayers are all over this.

  2. What a neat trend with the 11’s!! Am praying that you’ll have perfect favor on this 11th day surrounded by perfect 10’s (10-11-10)!

    Sleep well my friend!! Can’t wait to hear the good news that it’s FINISHED!!

    Big, big hugs!
    Love ya!

  3. I really appreciate this image… We had 3 daughters brought by the LORD by adoption. I have to confess though, I would prefer the normal labor process. This ‘labor’ of love lasted almost 2 years for our youngest. Worth every tear, frustration and gray hair. : )

    1. Linda, welcome to ‘the @’! Thank you for your comment. Congratulations on your daughters. I agree that the physical labor is much easier to endure than the emotional stuff. Since things are not quite done yet I also tell others it is almost two years of the adoption process for us as well… glory to God for His grace. :)

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