The Final Court Appearance that almost Wasn’t

In true clown car fashion all seven of us piled into a cab. Down town court house, sir. We arrived two blocks away with enough time to unload and run to the hearing and make it just in time.

We knew something was up when we didn’t have to wait for the elevator and the halls were empty. Get on the phone to the lawyer and find out why no one is here.

“Angie, you have to come to another court room two blocks away in the Orion building. You know the one. But you have to know they are suspending your court appearance. We are going to plead and beg for them to fit us in some time this week. Two of the people who are supposed to be here didn’t show up because it’s Women’s Day.”

Deflated we march and weave our way to meet our bearer of bad news. She is apologetic and laughs at our bad luck two months in a row. We stand around lamenting. She tells us to follow her into the judges chambers for the official postponement.

We get our wiggly Washington troops all settled in the echoing, stark office. A book stand in the corner. A desk for the clerk. The judge’s big paper piled desk. A noisy fan. And the frown shaped row of chairs we all filled.

A solemn discussion ensued between the four decision makers present.

That is when heaven heard all your prayers and moved on our behalf. The judge looked for a brief moment intently at Kaitlynn cuddled on my lap. The clerk began to read. The judge did some talking to the parents (that’s DaRonn and me). The lawyer and the other official lady in the room spoke. Moments later we were all saying our goodbyes.

Out in the hall I asked the lawyer what we do now.

That was the last court appearance,” she said as a relieved smile parted her lips and squinted her eyes shut.

This is the jumping up and down cue, right? This is the hooting and hollering bit, correct? I think I was too stunned. I just stood there gaping as she said what would happen next. I had her repeat it three times so I understood clearly. Then I confirmed.

No more court appearances?

“No more. Just paper work from here on out. Oh, and do me a favor…”

What followed was a list of preferences of the different people who made this all possible. Gifts would be given in thanks of helping us get this done.

In three days from now the judge will make his final decision regarding our case and issue the declaration. The three days following his declaration is the window should anyone desire to appeal his decision. After the cumulative six days are complete we will have the document in hand that allows us to get her birth certificate with her new name. Once we have the birth certificate in hand the lawyer’s job is done.  Then we start on her U.S. paper work.

DaRonn asked, “So is she a legal Washington yet?” I had to say no. There are just some formalities to dispense with in the next few weeks. Based on the judge’s behavior today there should be no reason that he would not issue a positive declaration.

I know I should be more relieved than I am right now. Maybe it was the absence of a gavel crashing down putting a mark to the end? Maybe it was the suspense and uncertainty? Maybe it is just that I have become so hardened anticipating a blow that I don’t know how to react when the good news comes? Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet? Maybe I am just exhausted!

I am happy.

All is well.

P.S. Amidst all the fuss and confusion I did not take one picture. Oops!


14 thoughts on “The Final Court Appearance that almost Wasn’t

    1. Katy, welcome to ‘the @’! Thanks for the comment. :) Yes, even more favor to see this thing all the way through. Thank you!

  1. Many, many months ago I started praying for BUCKETS of favor!! I think we needed EVERY drop, eh?? Well I’m not gonna stop praying until you have ALL your paperwork, even US documents, in hand and legit!!

    Big, big hugs!!! So excited for you!

  2. With a natural birth and delivery once the baby is out of your body, it is complete. its an end and a beggining all at once. it is the start of a life. what you are going though with Kaitlynn is happening in increments. You are stuck in limbo. Yes you have her but its not yet finished. I can only imagine the frustration and confusion involved in that. you have not yet experienced that complete releaf and freedom that comes with completion.
    Hang in there. I will keep praying until that final day when there is nothing left to do but celebrate. No more waiting, no more papers, no more work, just HAPPY.
    I love you, and i wish i could be there to hug you through this.

    1. Shawn, that would be so great to have you here with us. To know that you understand is very comforting. I hope that when the day of completion comes I will be able to fully enjoy it. I love you too, sister!

  3. Yeah! That s exciting you are almost done with the process! I work with adoption and it is such a hard process for the birth family to go through! Good luck!
    Also Womens Day… Never heard of it!

    1. Hi Michelle, welcome to ‘the @’! Thanks for you comment here and the follow on Twitter. How great to hear that you work with adoptions. I have been thinking alot lately about the birth family of our daughter. Oh, and the Woman’s Day might be just a Bolivian thing.

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