Hola and Hello

So you are going back

To visit your home

In the very familiar

You may feel alone

Food is fast

Traffic too

You needn’t wait for waiters

They will wait on you

Are my loved ones changed?

Or is it me?

Where do I put this paper

After I pee?

A handshake

or even a hug as a greeting

But try not to kiss

Or strange looks you’ll be meeting

Phone book directories

Instead of ask a friend

Museums, malls, libraries

And Starbucks without end

Your worth is not based

On what you own

Be it clothes or cars

Or the fancy iPhone

Bi-cultural, bi-lingual, bi-everything at best

A missionary, a wife, a mom and all the rest

But you must remember that above all

As a daughter of God, how valuable you are

And please don’t forget

That back here in Bolivia

No matter what happens

There are friends here that that love ya’


Hasta pronto


Nos vemos amiguita

Written in the month of October 2007. Interesting that it was almost three years ago to date of the writing of the previous post “Tejidas” of a similar transitory feel.

"Hola and Hello" October 12, 2007
"Tejidas" October 19, 2010

3 thoughts on “Hola and Hello

  1. …love hurts no ve…
    Heaven will be all the sweeter when filled with loved ones we make along the way, no?
    te quiero mi amiga

  2. Wow, I love this poem. That is EXACTLY the way I feel right now. You see, I am living in Guatemala and preparing to go back home for 6 months (but I have been living here for 2 years.) I can understand everything, especially the part about the waiters and the toliet paper!

  3. It is so appropriate that I browsed here (not even sure how I found it) today. . . we return back to the states after 6 mos. in Ecuador and your poem puts words to many of my feelings. Thanks

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