Stories Down to the Toes

Can you even remember when stories reached all the way down to your toes?

Your fat little fingers grab the edge of the page after half a dozen tries. Then the great ascent as you clasp your hand so tightly the paper wrinkled. Scraping across your cute little belly on the path of a rainbow and finally reaching its destination the bright new illustration lay on your wiggly little lap. You would pretend that you knew what those funny markings said as you pointed and mimicked your mama’s sing-song voice with words all garbled and fanciful. Oh the thrill of the familiar story told in shapes and colors, shadows and light!

Can you even remember when stories reached all the way down to your toes?

Today was five months. Our daughter Kaitlynn has been with us five months.

She wakes singing now, after months of waking in tears.

Tyler and she get along nicely (most of the time). You should hear the squeals as they chase and play!

English is wrapping itself up in her tongue.

Whispers and stares at her feet are being traded in for confident projection and a chin held high.

And don’t ask me why, but it chokes me up to tell you that she has learned to come get me when she needs help instead of sitting on the floor in a whimpering pool of tears.

One final development to share with you about our Pure Beauty (for that is what Kaitlynn Glory means), she has become choosy: favorite outfits, favorite shows, favorite toys and even favorite foods! Before she would wear anything, watch anything, play with anything and even eat anything. Not any more. The girl has got a prerogative! {snap-snap!}

My heart is grateful tonight knowing that my three daughters are in the next room breathing deep the miracle of unfettered rest. Thank you Lord.


7 thoughts on “Stories Down to the Toes

  1. Great to read how Kaitlynn’s singing has replaced her tears. Your “Pure Beauty” has found her home, and a great mommy to love and make her feel safe.

  2. This made my heart happy!! What an incredible journey! And a joy to see her meld into your family and become her own gal!! Can’t wait to meet her someday!

  3. …such a beautiful glimpse into your home and your heart…

    Reading about how Kaitlynn has grown and changed speaks volumes to the impact that your consistency, love, safety, and affection have had on her foundation. It’s absolutely profound.

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