November First

Big day.

Insides all garbled and mixed around with emotions.


Trying not to let pride get the better of me I am reminiscing on the last nine years living in Bolivia land culminating on this day. Nine years. Still single digits. Nothing to whoop and holler about. We keep putting one foot in front of the other. Though, I must add that I am hugely grateful that we share this date with the anniversary of our home church Word of Life in St. Joe, Missouri who is 29 years old today.


At a favorite chocolate spot in town, Para Ti, eight marvelous women gathered for one final hurrah before the return of a dear and precious family to the States. They have served as missionaries here for five years. I have to stop talking about it because my eyes get welly.


School year is wrapping up.

Huge ministry event is coming up this weekend.

We are still waiting on the judge to issue his decree about the adoption.

A number of creative projects beg for my attention and I feel like a grandma wanting to spoil them with all my affection; yet they must wait their turn.


Now I’m off to pour some of this emotional goo into my NaNoWriMo novel “Seven Streets“.

2 thoughts on “November First

  1. Congrats to the end of a big and emotional day…from top to bottom! (Just like life, eh?)

    Sweets to cherish the blessings, tears to share with others, big challenges starting and another one completed!!

    Big, big hugs! You’re not in this alone…we are a body!!

  2. Congrats Angie on your nine years working to help bring faith to Bolivians. With all you have accomplished in your House of Dreams I think you deserve to “whoop and holler” some.

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